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Sophie - Author at Intentional View

Intentional View

Conscious | Plant-Powered | Cruelty-Free

Intentional View is an independent, UK-based blog with a focus on intentional living, run by vegan advocate, Sophie.

From sustainable everyday swaps to plant-based tips for beginners, Intentional View is on a mission to help you build a life in alignment with your values. 

Because whilst intentional living starts with the individual, it extends to a more holistic social awareness that is mindful of people, planet & animals, too. 🌱

Are you ready to start looking at the world through a more intentional lens?

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Change Your Life, Change the World

Mindful Living

Do the inner work to build a life you're obsessed with

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Ethical Style

Make simple swaps for a sustainable wardrobe & eco home

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Go plant-based for animals, the planet & your health

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Shopping Guides

Vote for with your wallet for the world you want to live in

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