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Sophie - Author at Intentional View

It's nice to meet you!

Welcome to Intentional View, an online platform dedicated to inner wellness, conscious shopping and veganism. I’m Sophie, ex-people pleaser, shopaholic and meat eater, and I’m on a mission to help you build a life of meaning and purpose.

I created Intentional View to share my insights into an intentional lifestyle. Since then, I’ve been featured in front of millions of readers in The Vegan Society, Becoming Minimalist, Tiny Buddha, and other amazing publications.

To think that I’ve inspired even one person to make positive changes in their life gives me so much fulfilment. So I hope that I can help to guide you on your own journey towards authenticity, compassion and alignment. 💚

The seeds of awareness are sown

Despite getting a Creative Writing degree from Oxford and fancying myself an author, as happens with so many of us, I fell into a job after finishing uni and my dreams quickly became relegated to ‘one day’. Instead, I chased promotions and aggressive sales targets in the fashion industry for nearly a decade.

It was only when I went on a sourcing trip to China that I truly began to appreciate the impact of fast consumerism. It was an eye-opening experience that plainly brought into question my relationship with stuff, and how as a society we’re treating people and planet.

After this, I quickly became interested in the concept of minimalism and went on many a 11pm decluttering spree (note: not advised!).

Healthy vegan lifestyle

Questioning the status quo

Around my 30th birthday, not only was the world going through a pandemic – I also broke up with my fiancé, lost my job, and moved back in with my parents.

It was during this time that I realised I barely knew myself. On the surface, I had everything to appear successful – the job, the house, the steady relationship. But on the inside, I felt empty and unfulfilled.

Although it was the hardest of times, it was also a period of huge transformation and growth. As I rebuilt my life, I stumbled upon a book called How Not to Die by Dr Michael Greger and my eyes were opened to all the wonderful health benefits of plant-based living.

Then, after a year of being pescatarian, I watched a documentary film called Earthlings and went vegan overnight. I haven’t looked back since!

Intentional View is born

Embarking on a conscious, plant-based lifestyle meant that my system of values underwent a complete overhaul. And, before I knew it, I realised that my outer world was no longer in alignment with my inner world.

In particular, I felt completely disillusioned with my career in retail.

So, after working hard to build other peoples’ dreams my entire adult life, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I finally bit the bullet and did the thing I’d always thought about (but never felt brave enough to do) – I launched Intentional View!

I’m also now a freelance writer for ethical and sustainable brands who share my vision for a kinder, fairer world. It’s made me realise that there is so much more fulfilment on the other side of chasing pay rises and climbing the corporate ladder. In other words, leading a value-driven life.

Testing Vegums multivitamins for vegans
John Robbins intentional living quote

How Intentional View can help YOU

I love this quote from John Robbins, which powerfully sums up my mission here at Intentional View. Whilst intentional living starts with the individual, it extends to a more holistic social awareness that is mindful of people, planet and animals. 👤🌍🐰

It means having integrity – making the right choices over the easy ones. Delaying instant gratification in exchange for long-term fulfilment. And taking charge of the only thing you have control over – your own actions and behaviour.

Here at Intentional View, I will help you to:

  • Identify your values, rewrite limiting beliefs & challenge social norms
  • Embrace a sustainable, non-toxic & cruelty-free lifestyle
  • Make informed purchases by introducing you to ethical brands

Thank you so much for being a part of the Intentional View community! And, if you’d like to get in contact or find out how you can work with me, I’d love to hear from you. 💚

Intentional Living FAQs

TL;DR What does it mean to live intentionally and why should I care?

Intentional living is self-improvement with a social conscience. We take things for granted about how life has to be and how the world has to be, but we have more power than we think. When we live by our values and show respect in the way we treat ourselves and others – whether people, planet or animals – we can achieve inner peace and fulfilment that is sustainable in the long term.

Where do you suggest I start?

If you’re unsure where best to start, then check out the following articles for a solid foundational framework that will help you to start living with intention:

Why you feel so empty, bored & unfulfilled

A guide to intentional living

How to identify your personal values

I’m curious about veganism, how can I learn more?

For a crash course on all things veganism, check out some of the eye-opening documentaries I discuss in this post here.

You can also find some helpful resources linked below:

Why I went vegan (my personal story)

The ethical argument for veganism

A complete guide to veganism for beginners

If you’re a minimalist, why do you publish ethical shopping guides?

Good question! I’m glad you asked.

There’s a misconception that minimalism is an extreme process of owning as little as possible.

Whilst it usually does involve letting go of things as you come to understand what is really important, it’s more about the process of mindfulness and conscious consumption.

For example, rather than throwing away a disposable deodorant every month, you could make the kinder choice of purchasing a non-toxic, refillable and planet-friendly option. I hope it’s valuable to share my research with you and help you to make more informed choices, too.

What difference can I possibly make as one person?

It’s completely normal to feel disillusioned, but don’t let perfectionism be the enemy of the good!

When it comes to change, it’s tempting to lump all of the responsibility onto large businesses or else wait to see what people around you do before taking any meaningful action yourself. But in truth, we have so much power to change the world as individuals – simply by being mindful of how we choose to spend our money.

By taking some easy steps to shop more ethically and support mission-driven brands, you can be a trail-blazing role model for others to follow!