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Whether it’s improving our lives for the better or being more intentional with our shopping habits, I think we all have a notion that we need to make grand, swooping gestures to see meaningful change.

The slightly more mundane reality is that even the smallest of changes, when pursued with consistency over time, will have amazing compound effects.

Swapping out your regular hand wash may not feel like a big deal. But in taking this one simple action, you tackle the plastic packaging monster in the bathroom and also prioritise animal-friendly, non-toxic brands in the process. A win all round, I’d say.

From bulk-buy refill boxes to waterless concentrates and handy subscription services, there are plenty of innovative solutions available that will also look beautiful on display in your home. Let’s take a look at the best refillable hand wash and soap dispensers so that you can make the switch with confidence.

My Top Picks


Fill Refill

Here are the 7 best refillable hand wash brands in the UK

If you’re wondering what’s so bad about the regular bottles of hand wash you can pick up at the supermarket, then skip ahead for more info. And, if you’re wondering which type of refillable hand wash is right for you, I’ve answered some common FAQs below.

I should also pop a note here to say that despite not all the brands in this list having official vegan and cruelty-free certification, they are all 100% animal-friendly. They also show a clear commitment to sustainable practices and clean formulations with zero nasty chemicals.

#1 Raindrop

  • Certifications: No official certification as of yet
  • Type: Foaming soap tablet refills
  • Packaging: 300ml toughened, recycled glass dispensers with a non-slip base (various colours)
  • Scents: Lavender, Vanilla, Bergamot, Mint & White Tea, Tangerine
  • My pick: Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser Starter Pack
  • Get 15% off your order with code INTENTIONAL15

Raindrop make beautiful and durable handwashes – I like to think of them as the Apple of soap dispensers! There’s a range of 14 coloured bottles to suit your interior décor and 5 gorgeous scents for complete customisation. Simply pop a plastic-free soap tablet into the dispenser, add warm water and shake to make 300ml of gentle, foaming hand wash.

Not only do Raindrop eliminate the use of plastic – their water-free method significantly reduces the environmental footprint of their products. They have also partnered with CleanHub, helping to further combat the issue of plastic waste in our oceans.

Whilst the starter pack may seem expensive, you do get enough soap to last 8 months! After this, you can subscribe and save on all future refills.

#2 Neat

  • Certifications: B-Corp
  • Type: Foaming soap concentrate refills
  • Packaging: 300ml refillable aluminium hand wash bottles
  • Scents: Green Tea & Bergamot, Mango & Fig, Sweet Rose Water
  • My Pick: Foaming Hand Wash Bundle Starter Set
  • Get 10% off bundles with code INTENTIONALVIEW

Similar in appearance to Raindrop, Neat produce gorgeous refillable hand wash in sturdy aluminium bottles with reusable pumps. But instead of using a tablet, refills come in the form of small concentrate bottles. Simply mix the 30ml concentrate with water to make a chemical-free, gently cleansing foam.

You can purchase single or twin starter packs to get you going in white, green or pink bottles. After this, refills come in packs of 12, and you can either stick to your favourite scent or opt for a mixed pack.

Neat are proudly free from single-use plastic, parabens, phosphates, sulphates and phthalates, and are also available on a subscription service to put your hand wash on autopilot.

#3 Fill Refill

  • Certifications: B-Corp, Vegan & Leaping Bunny certified
  • Type: Liquid soap bulk refills
  • Packaging: 500ml glass bottles with 5L or 10L refill bag in a box
  • Scents: Fig leaf or Unscented
  • My Pick: Hand soap starter pack (500ml bottle + 5L refill)
  • Get 10% off your order with code IVVEO10

Fill Refill offer no-fuss allergy-friendly products, packaged in sustainable screen-printed glass bottles. Their eco-responsible hand wash is made with all biodegradable ingredients, excluding dyes and harsh chemicals. Hand soap is available in bulk sizes, promoting a returnable, refillable system.

The non-toxic, vegan formula cleanses skin without drying it (great for those like me with sensitive skin!), and is proudly made in Northamptonshire in the UK.

Fill Refill are members of 1% for the Planet and accredited Living Wage Employers. You should also check out where their refill stations are located – you may be able to fill up locally rather than sending your empties back!

#4 Bower Collective

  • Certifications: B-Corp & Climate Partner certified
  • Type: Liquid soap bulk refills
  • Packaging: 500ml glass or PET pump dispensers with 1L or 5L pouch refills
  • Scents: Rosemary & Thyme, Geranium & Grapefruit, Lime & Aloe Vera, Fragrance Free
  • My Pick: Glass Dispenser + 1L refill pack

Take a look at Bower Collective’s sanitising UK-made hand wash, with 100% naturally derived ingredients and zero harmful substances like SLS and parabens. Their eco-friendly soap neutralises 99.9% of bacteria, as well as being vegan, cruelty-free, and pet-friendly.

The brand promotes a refill system with stylish reusable dispensers, aiming to eliminate single-use plastic soap bottles. According to Bower, a 1L pouch provides over 300 hand washes, lasting around 2 months for a 2-person household. So a 5L pack should keep you going for the most part of a year!

Bower Collective are proudly partnered with CleanHub, and you can enjoy 30% off + free shipping when you subscribe to any of their eco home starter kits.

#5 Milly & Sissy

  • Certifications: Leaping Bunny & Vegan Society approved
  • Type: Liquid soap sachet refills
  • Packaging: 250ml or 500ml recycled glass bottles
  • Scents: Alpine Flowers, Fresh Apple, Sweet Cherry
  • My Pick: Natural Hand Wash Starter Set
  • Get 10% off your order with code IVVEO10

All of Milly & Sissy’s products are made from 99.7% natural ingredients, with formulations that are free from SLS, parabens, allergens and palm oil.

Simply choose from one of their 3 lovely scents, then add the powdered formula, pour in water, give it a good shake, and leave the ingredients to work their magic overnight.

There’s a 250ml version for smaller sinks or a larger 500ml amber glass bottle, with powders packed in compostable sachets for a fully plastic-free experience. A great option if you’re looking for a liquid soap without the need to return your empties!

#6 Miniml

  • Certifications: Leaping Bunny & Vegan Society approved
  • Type: Liquid soap bulk refills
  • Packaging: 500ml glass or PET bottles with 1L pouch or 5L container refill
  • Scents: Cucumber & Aloe Vera, Lime, Basil & Mandarin, Sweet Clementine, French Vanilla
  • My Pick: Hand Soap Starter Kit

Based in Yorkshire, award-winning non-toxic cleaning brand Miniml are a small but passionate team who are on a mission to make the world a cleaner, greener place.

Proudly boasting plant-based formulas and a zero-waste supply chain, Miniml work on a bulk refill model. Either find a refill station near you, or simply return your empties to Miniml once used up for them to be cleaned out and reused.

Choose from 5 antibacterial scents that are free from chemical nasties, leaving your hands feeling soft and clean.

#7 Ethique

  • Certifications: B-Corp, Leaping Bunny & PETA approved
  • Type: Liquid soap powder refills
  • Packaging: 350ml worth of powder concentrate in a home compostable bag (you’ll need to have your own soap dispenser at the ready!)
  • Scents: Bloom, Sherbet, Unscented
  • My Pick: Nourishing Handwash Concentrate
  • 20% off your first order with newsletter sign-up

I already love Ethique for their shampoo bars, but did you know that they also make handwash? If you’re a fan of liquid over foaming soap but don’t have the space to store huge refills, then Ethique is the perfect option for you!

Mix the powder with just boiled water and add to your dispenser of choice to create 350ml of nourishing soap. Packed with nourishing oils, their hand wash contains plant-based surfactants that gently remove dirt and grime.

Ethique are partnered with organisations prioritising conservation products and sustainable practices, donating 2% of all their sales to charity. They also collaborate with Ecologi to plant a tree for every online order placed.

Why Make the Switch to an Eco-Friendly, Refillable Hand Wash?

It reduces plastic waste & transport emissions

Around 22 billion plastic bottles of all types end up in landfill and incinerators each year. And did you know that over 8 million tons of plastic find their way into our oceans annually? Disposable hand wash bottles play a significant role in these numbers.

Making the switch to eco-friendly, refillable hand wash helps you to cut down on unnecessary plastic waste. As you’ll see from this list, many of the brands featured are proudly plastic-free.

Plus, as Milly & Sissy point out, water represents more than 80% of the weight in the majority of bathroom products. When you opt for waterless products, it can reduce transport carbon emissions by up to a whopping 94%.

It's free from toxic chemicals

All of the refillable hand wash options in this list are happily free from toxic chemicals. In contrast, many conventional hand washes contain harmful ingredients like SLS and parabens which can be absorbed by the skin barrier. This can cause short-term irritation, as well as posing longer-term health risks.

By choosing eco-friendly alternatives, you generally also choose a toxin-free experience, ensuring a safer and healthier environment for you and your family.

For a completely toxin-free home, download my complete home checklist below.

The formulations are vegan & cruelty-free

Animal testing for cosmetic products is both outdated and unnecessary. There’s also no need to use animal fats or non-vegan ingredients when there are perfectly good plant-based alternatives available.

Fortunately, it’s becoming easier to shop eco-friendly hand wash formulations that are also animal-friendly – something which is important for me when aligning my shopping habits with my values.

It’ll save you money

Whilst you might automatically assume that eco products are more expensive than their disposable counterparts, switching to refillable hand wash is a cost-effective way to save you money in the long run! Once you’ve initially purchased the reusable bottle and pump, it’s simply a case of topping up with refills when necessary. Many of the brands in this list offer handy Subscribe & Save options, too.

Reusable bottles look more premium

Not being shallow here, promise! I think it’s worth pointing out that there’s still a damaging stigma that ‘eco-friendly’ automatically equals drab and unstylish. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth with these refillable options!

Opting for reusable, durable bottles adds a cohesive and luxurious touch to your interior when compared to plastic supermarket options. So you can absolutely be both chic and environmentally savvy.

Eco-friendly bathroom

Refillable Hand Wash FAQs

Are natural hand washes as effective as traditional ones?

Yes! Whilst they may not contain the same heavy chemicals, natural hand washes are just as effective as traditional ones. Many natural formulations incorporate antibacterial essential oils and plant-based ingredients that have cleansing properties.

Are liquid-free or bulk refills best?

I personally opt for foaming refills. My home is small with limited storage, so it’s not practical for me to keep bulk refills on hand. I’d also rather avoid the hassle of having to send back my empties.

However, it honestly comes down to personal preference. Both are much more planet-friendly than disposable plastic bottles, as well as kinder to animals and your skin, so do what works best for you!

What about a bar of soap? Is that not the most eco-friendly option?

Let’s not forget the humble bar of soap! Arguably, this is the most eco-friendly option due to its minimal packaging, longevity, and lower carbon footprint during transportation.

What’s not to love about soap bars? Well, in public places, it doesn’t feel quite as hygienic as using a pump handwash. Overall, it’s also just a bit messier to effectively house soap (if you’ve ever cleaned out a nicely encrusted soap dish, you’ll know what I mean!).

Once again, it largely comes down to personal choice. Whilst a bar is technically the most eco choice you can make, there’s arguably more convenience with a refillable handwash.

Can I use any refillable soap dispenser for my new hand wash?

In most cases, refillable soap dispensers can be used with a variety of liquid handwashes. However, you should check whether it’s a foaming option, because these typically require special dispensers. Where you can, I’d advise purchasing a starter pack that comes with a dispenser, as this will have been designed specifically for your chosen brand’s formulation.

Where can I find refill stations for eco-friendly hand wash?

Refill stations for eco-friendly liquid hand wash (like Fill Refill and Miniml) can be found in speciality stores and zero-waste shops. Check the website of your chosen brand for specific stockist information and refill locations.

Help, I'm worried about being tied into a subscription service!

Don’t worry! Most brands will suggest the amount of time between refills, but you can adjust this manually to suit your own household needs. You can also skip, pause or cancel your refill subscription whenever you need to.

Clean Hands, Cleaner Conscience: Join the Refill Revolution!

I hope that this post helps you to make this easy eco switch. Whether you opt for foaming or liquid, powder concentrate or bulk refill, there are plenty of options to choose from to suit your individual hand wash needs. And you really can’t go wrong with any of the lovely brands on this list!

For more sustainable and zero-waste bathroom swaps, check out these posts on the UK’s best ethical haircare, refillable deodorants and eco-friendly toilet roll. 🛁

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