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If you’re anything like me, then slippers are something that you live in every day (especially in winter!). But sadly, many slippers you see on the high street are far from vegan-friendly. From sheepskin to suede, wool to furry trims, we’ve all become accustomed to the softest, fluffiest feel underfoot. But at what cost?

The use of animals in fashion is largely out of sight, out of mind. But suffice it to say that it involves suffering, slaughter and cruelty on a mass scale.

It was only when I was doing the research for my vegan gift guide that I realised how tricky it was to find vegan slippers. Brands don’t always make it obvious, so this post took a lot of investigation (yep, call me Sherlock). I’ve also tried to prioritise those that are kind to people and planet, too.

So I hope it saves you some time and helps you to make more intentional choices! Here is my guide to the best vegan slippers that are easily available to purchase in the UK.

My Top Picks

Best Women’s Slip-Ons

V.GAN Hemp Mule Slippers

Best Women’s Boots

TOMS Lola Natural Felt Slippers

Best Men’s

Mercredy Felt Full Slippers

Review Summary

Here are the 5 best brands making ethical vegan slippers in the UK

It proved pretty tough to find vegan slippers, let alone vegan slippers that were environmentally conscious (i.e. not just made from environmentally destructive materials like cheap PVC). But after much searching, I’m so pleased to introduce you to these 5 lovely brands producing ethical and vegan slippers. Read on for snug and toasty toes this winter!

1. V.GAN

For Her

Best ethical slippers - V.GAN

For Him

V.GAN men's vegan slippers

Brand Highlights

  • PETA-certified & 100% vegan brand
  • Ethical working conditions
  • Uses recycled ocean waste

Let’s face it – ‘vegan’ and ‘sustainable’ don’t often come in the same breath as ‘fashion-forward’. If you’re fed up with having to compromise on style when it comes to making intentional shopping choices, then let me introduce you to V.GAN!

100% cruelty-free and PETA-certified, V.GAN began life in 2018 to bring animal-free products to the world (that you’d actually want to wear), starting by tackling one of the largest leather industries – footwear.

They describe their entire range as ‘uncompromisingly vegan,’ but they are also human and planet-friendly, too. Their workers are protected by employment safety laws and their factories are powered by renewable energy. Plus, they prioritise sustainable materials like recycled plastic bottles, flax and hemp for their range of durable men’s and women’s vegan slippers.


For Her

For Him

My Picks

Brand Highlights

  • B-Corp certified
  • Publish impact reports
  • Donate a third of profits to grassroots organisations

While TOMS aren’t a fully vegan brand, they are a certified B-Corp (meaning that they meet the highest standards of environmental and social performance). TOMS is also a member of the Fair Labor Association, working with their suppliers to ensure business is conducted ethically (safe working conditions, human rights compliance, etc). And, if this wasn’t enough, with every purchase you help to fund access to vital mental health resources.

I’m pleased to see that TOMS have introduced a good range of vegan slippers, proving that they can be just as cosy and stylish as animal alternatives. Their men’s Ezra slippers (featured above) are part of the Earthwise collection, which is rooted in planet-friendly materials and processes.

3. Moshulu

For Her

For Him

Brand Highlights

  • Award-winning sustainable collaborations
  • Conscious ethos and values
  • Independent, family-run business

A presence on many high streets up and down the country, Moshulu is a leading independent footwear retailer in the UK. Known for quality and comfort, I love their attention to detail with pops of colour and fun trims, which will bring a smile to your face even in the darkest winter months.

Like TOMS, Moshulu aren’t an entirely vegan brand (yet!), but they do have a range of 100% vegan and cruelty-free slippers (just be aware that there’s no dedicated vegan category for vegan menswear – hopefully this changes soon).

Building on their brand value ‘To lead with kindness and integrity’, Moshulu are in the process of relabelling products for transparency, e.g. ‘Made in the UK’, ‘Contains no animal products’, etc. A great idea that will make it so much easier for customers to shop consciously!

4. Mercredy

For Her

For Him

Brand Highlights

  • Certified by the Global Recycle Standard
  • Uses recycled ocean waste

If you’re just as passionate about plastic pollution as you are about animal rights, then Mercredy is the perfect brand for eco-warriors! Their mission is simple: to keep our oceans clean and reduce the amount of plastic in our seas.

Carefully handcrafted in Spain, the durable felt is made from ocean waste, with each Mercredy slipper containing at least 2 recycled plastic bottles. The fabric of the upper and lining is certified by the Global Recycle Standard (a tricky certification to get hold of!). Then, to finish off, the soles are sustainably sourced from natural rubber.

They have a small but perfectly formed range of slippers for men and women – so why not opt for his and hers this Christmas?!

5. Gumbies

For Her

For Him

Brand Highlights

  • Unisex offering
  • Ethical working conditions
  • Prioritise recycled materials

Freedom and adventure is in the DNA of Gumbies, a brand encompassing the spirit of creativity, necessity and simplicity. Their unisex slippers are another fantastic eco-friendly choice that live and breathe these values.

Using as much recycled material as possible, their vegan felt slippers are made from 100% recycled polyester from old plastic bottles, and the non-slip, waterproof rubber soles are made from recycled car tyres. Even the soft foam insoles are made from castor beans!

They adhere to Fairtrade regulations and all factories are audited and BSCO compliant. Since March 2021, they have also planted a tree or recovered plastic from the ocean for every item purchased.

What to Look Out For When Buying Vegan Slippers

As I found when putting this article together, it can be difficult when searching for vegan slippers because often brands don’t make things very clear. If unsure, it’s always a good idea to ask the brand directly for clarification.

However, here are some points to consider when selecting the perfect pair.

No animal-derived products

It goes without saying that vegan slippers should be free from animal products, but this isn’t always quite as straightforward as it first appears.

While many slippers can be immediately discounted due to non-vegan materials like fur, sheepskin, suede, wool and leather, there can be non-vegan elements that are harder to spot. For instance, the use of animal dyes, or components joined together with glue made from animal bones.

To make things trickier still, I came across brands in my search that had a strong ethical and sustainable focus, but that still use animal products as standard, e.g. Mahabis or Baabuk. In their FAQs, Mahabis point out the difficulty in saying an item is vegan, even in cases where products contain primarily vegan materials:

In short, no. We can’t totally rule out traces of animal products used in the glue and manufacturing processes of our slippers, so they are not classed as vegan, but our breathe and flow mahabis are wool-free.

Plastic bottles from ocean waste used to create slippers

Sustainable & eco-friendly materials

It’s also worth pointing out that just because a pair of slippers is technically ‘vegan’, this doesn’t make them cruelty-free in a wider sense.

If they have been cheaply manufactured with environmentally damaging materials like virgin plastic, then these wasteful fast fashion items are likely destined for landfill and take many years to decompose.

Vegan slippers can be made from faux fur, microsuede and polyester fleece. But, where possible, it’s better to look for eco-friendly options that include recycled materials.

Plastic bottles are a popular choice for uppers, and soles are best made from rubber, as this is a renewable resource that can be harmlessly harvested from rubber trees. You’ll notice I’ve tried to prioritise these materials in this round-up of vegan slippers.

Human-friendly too, please!

As you’ll know if you’ve read about the many problems with the fast fashion industry, human rights violations are just as rife as animal cruelty. The best ethical slippers are therefore ones that are kind towards people as well.

Look for brands that are transparent and prioritise a slow fashion approach. For example, do they adhere to fair trade standards, provide information about their supply chain, or have third-party certification (e.g. B-Corp)?

It’s also a good sign if a company offsets their carbon emissions through tree planting or plastic clean-up schemes, uses renewable energy, and gives back through charitable and community-focused initiatives.

Spend more on quality that will last

As we’ve discussed, don’t be afraid to embrace slow fashion. Wear in and repair the slippers you already have before purchasing a new pair. And, when you do, don’t be afraid to spend a little more on a high-quality, durable pair that will last.

Not only will this reduce waste, but it will also be a better investment in the long run, as you won’t be stuck in a vicious cycle as pair after pair fall apart!

Cup of tea and cosy blanket scene

The Best Vegan Slippers This Winter for Cosy & Cruelty-Free Toes

Whether you’re looking for faux fur slip-ons or cosy booties, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect pair of vegan slippers. And the good news? You can wear them feeling warm, stylish and safe in the knowledge that they’re kindly made, too. They would also make for a thoughtful Christmas gift.

There’s still definitely a gap in the market for eco, vegan slippers. As consumer awareness and demand grows, it’s only a matter of time until more options become available. So I’ll be sure to keep this list updated as and when they do.

I hope these vegan slippers keep your toes cosy this winter! For more vegan footwear, have a read of my guide to the best UK brands. And, in the meantime, why not kick back, light a nice vegan candle, and unwind in true cruelty-free style?

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