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From the health benefits of plant-based diets to identifying your personal values, your journey towards intentional living starts here! Explore articles on mindfulness, ethical style and plant-based living to begin your intentional journey today.


How to organise your wardrobe

7 Tips To Organise Your Wardrobe Like a Visual Merchandiser

Discover expert tips to organise your wardrobe like a pro! Learn how to instantly elevate your closet with these tried-and-tested techniques.
A guide to ethical and sustainable fashion

How To Get Started With Ethical & Sustainable Fashion

Explore everything there is to know about ethical & sustainable fashion in this guide! Learn how to create a wardrobe aligned with your values.
The ethics of veganism

The Ethics of Veganism: A Bulletproof Moral Argument

Explore the ethics of veganism! Discover society's moral inconsistencies, plus compelling reasons to rethink our food & lifestyle choices.
How to reinvent yourself and become a different person

How To Reinvent Yourself & Exponentially Level Up Your Life

Discover how to reinvent yourself and level up your life! Explore mindset shifts & actionable tips to transform into the person you truly want to be.
Is being vegan difficult? What to do if you're struggling.

Is Being Vegan Difficult? What To Do If You’re Struggling

Struggling with veganism? Learn how to get into the right mindset by implementing the discipline equation on your vegan journey!
How to overcome fear and live your best life

How To Overcome Fear & Live Your Best Life

Are you afraid to go after your dreams? Discover how to overcome fear, challenge limiting beliefs, & unlock your fullest potential in this helpful guide.
How to find your purpose in life

How To Find Your Purpose in Life (Without a Cosmic Quest)

Feeling lost in life? Find your purpose - without the overwhelm. Discover which purpose-driven archetypes you identify with in this practical guide.
How to be intentional about your health

How To Be Intentional About Your Health, Every Day

Discover a new way to be intentional about your health, every single day. Create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle with this realistic guide.
How to escape the hedonic treadmill and find lasting happiness

13 Ways To Get Off the Hedonic Treadmill & Find Happiness

Escape the hedonic treadmill & raise your base level of happiness! Explore the ways in which you can practice mindfulness & live more intentionally.
Arguments against veganism

25+ Arguments Against Veganism That Simply Don’t Hold Up

Explore the most popular arguments against veganism in this thought-provoking article, & discover why they don't bear up to closer scrutiny.
The best ethical pyjamas in the UK

5 Best Ethical Pyjamas & Nightwear for Sweeter Dreams (2024)

Find the UK's best ethical pyjamas with this vegan-friendly guide. Slip into stylish, sustainable & cosy fabrics whilst making a positive impact!
7 modern-day addictions that aren't serving you

7 Modern-Day Addictions That Aren’t Serving You

Are you falling into the pleasure trap with these modern-day addictions? Break free & achieve fulfilment when you recognise them in your own life!
Best ethical and sustainable underwear brands in the UK

7 Best UK Ethical Underwear Brands You Won’t Want To Take Off

Discover the best ethical underwear brands in the UK blending style, comfort, & sustainability. Empower yourself with conscious choices today!
DR.VEGAN review

DR.VEGAN Review: The Best Plant-Based Supplements?

Find out how I got on with DR.VEGAN supplements in this honest review, including my top recommendations for a plant-based diet.
Why I decided to go alcohol-free

7 Reasons Why I’ve Decided To Go Alcohol-Free

Do you care about living a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle? Discover why I decided to reassess my relationship with drinking & go alcohol-free!
Omega-3 for vegans

Omega-3 for Vegans, Simply Explained

Want to know if you need Omega-3 as a vegan? This blog breaks it down, covering sources, supplements, & why it's essential for your health.
Plastic-free bathroom swaps

15 Essential Non-Toxic & Plastic-Free Bathroom Swaps

Transform your daily routine with these non-toxic, vegan & plastic-free bathroom swaps. Go green, reduce waste, & make a positive impact today.
Best refillable hand wash UK

7 Best Refillable Hand Wash & Soaps in the UK (2024)

Explore the UK's best refillable hand wash brands. Say goodbye to single-use plastic with this simple & sustainable bathroom swap!
Springlane vegan milk maker review

Springlane Vegan Milk Maker Review: Is the Mila Worth It?

Wondering what the Mila is like to use on a daily basis? Read my Springlane Vegan Milk Maker review for the pros, cons, & everything in between!
Facetheory skincare review

Facetheory Review: The Best Natural Skincare? (2024)

Discover how I got on with Facetheory's all-natural & vegan skincare routine in this honest Facetheory review. Does it live up to the hype?

Get a Sweat On With These Best Sustainable Activewear Brands

Discover the best sustainable activewear brands in the UK & elevate your fitness game! Embrace comfort & eco-friendly style in every workout.
Best vegan shoes UK

Step Into Ethical Style With These Best Vegan Shoe Brands

Explore sustainable & compassionate footwear with this guide to the 5 best vegan shoe brands in the UK. Make ethical wardrobe choices today!
How do you know if a fashion brand is ethical?

How Do You Know if a Fashion Brand Is Ethical?

Discover the key criteria to determine if a fashion brand is ethical. From transparency to certifications, empower your ethical shopping choices!
Why is ethical fashion expensive?

Why Is Ethical Fashion Expensive? (& Is It Worth It?)

Why is ethical fashion expensive? Is it a worthwhile investment? Discover the why behind the price tag, as well as how to shop ethically on a budget!
Vegan Valentines gifts

14 Vegan Valentines Gifts That Are a Little Out the Ordinary

Fed up of flowers & chocolates? From latte art to zen gardens, discover 14 unique vegan Valentine's Day gifts they won't be expecting this year!
How to embrace digital minimalism

How To Embrace Digital Minimalism (Without Becoming a Hermit)

Discover the art of digital minimalism & overcome FOMO! Simplify your screen time with practical strategies for increased focus and well-being.
How to live by your values - are your actions in alignment?

How To Live By Your Values: Are Your Actions in Alignment?

Identifying your values is one thing, but are you living by them consistently? Explore how to align actions with your values for a purpose-driven life.
The inner work required to embrace minimalism

This Is the Inner Work You Must Do Before Decluttering

Explore the essential inner work needed to kickstart your decluttering journey. Set the foundations for a more organised and mindful lifestyle.
The best period underwear in the UK

Go With the Flow: The Best Period Pants in the UK (2024)

Fed up of disposable pads & tampons? Save the planet (& your money!) with the best period pants in the UK for ultimate leak-proof comfort.
Why New Year's resolutions fail & how to build sustainable habits

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail (& What To Do Instead)

Struggling to build healthy habits? Discover the inevitable reasons why New Year's resolutions fail, plus actionable alternatives for lasting change.
Lessons I've learned since going vegan

13 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming Vegan

Veganism is as much a journey as a destination to be reached. Join me as I reflect on the lessons learned after two years of becoming vegan!
The best indoor smart gardens in the UK with app-control

Grow Your Own: 5 Best Indoor Smart Gardens in the UK (2024)

Want to grow your own fresh herbs & veggies but not a green thumb? Automate your gardening with these best indoor smart gardens!
Eco-friendly and non-toxic toilet roll subscriptions services UK

6 Eco-Friendly Toilet Rolls to Give a Crap About (2024)

Looking to make the switch to non-toxic, eco-friendly toilet paper? Try these subscription services for a simple, plastic-free bathroom swap!
Urgent reasons to go vegan for the environment

Why You Should Go Vegan for the Environment

Explore urgent reasons to go vegan for the environment. Learn how a plant-based lifestyle helps to fight climate change & preserve our planet.
How to overcome cheese addiction as a vegan

An Honest Guide to Overcoming Cheese Cravings as a Vegan

Want to go vegan but can't envisage a life without cheese? Get practical tips on how to overcome cheese cravings (from a former cheese lover!).
Vyrao perfume - ranked and reviewed

Amplify Your Energy: Vyrao Perfumes Ranked & Reviewed (2024)

Raise your vibration with supercharged, neuroscience-backed fragrances! Discover my favourite scents in this in-depth Vyrao perfume review.
A history of animal rights, from The Old Testament to 2023

A Brief History of Animal Rights: Speciesism for Beginners

Trace the history of animal rights. Learn about the major milestones, figures, and movements that shape our treatment of animals today.
The best books on veganism for 2023

7 Best Books on Veganism to Start Your Plant-Based Journey

Explore a handpicked selection of powerful books on veganism for 2023. Delve deep into the fascinating world of plant-based ethics & nutrition!
The best vegan leather jackets in the UK

5 Vegan Leather Jackets for Some Seriously Rock Chick Vibes

Missing the biker chick look? Discover the perfect stylish & sustainable vegan leather jacket for your ethical wardrobe upgrade!
The best online stores for all your vegan shopping needs in the UK

Vegan Shopping Made Easy: Your Go-To Online Stores (2024)

Discover the best vegan online shops in the UK! From food to fashion, these are my tried and trusted destinations for cruelty-free, vegan shopping.
Why I went vegan: my personal story

Why I Went Vegan: My Personal Journey

There are so many factual reasons to go vegan, but this is my personal journey of growing awareness. Discover why I went vegan for good!
Why don't vegans eat eggs?

This Is Why Vegans Don’t Eat Eggs (Even Backyard Ones)

Explore the ethical, environmental, and health reasons behind a vegan's decision not to eat eggs, no matter the circumstances.
How to go dairy-free for beginners to veganism

How To Go Dairy-Free as a Beginner Vegan (For Good!)

Struggling to envision a life without cheese? Learn how to go dairy-free in this guide for new vegans, featuring practical tips & tasty alternatives!
The best vegan slippers in the UK for men and women

Warm Toes, Happy Planet: The Best Vegan Slippers UK (2024)

Looking for the best vegan slippers (that are also super-cosy and kind to the planet)? Step into cruelty-free comfort today with my top picks!
Vegums multivitamin review

Vegums Review: Vegan Gummies Put to the Test

These tasty vegan gummies are making waves, but are they any good? Check out my in-depth Vegums review so that you can decide for yourself!
Why don't vegans drink milk?

Ditching Dairy: Why Don’t Vegans Drink Milk or Eat Cheese?

Wondering why vegans don't drink milk? Explore the ethical, environmental, & health factors driving a dairy-free lifestyle choice.
A vegan Christmas survival guide

How to Survive the Christmas Holidays as a Vegan

Wondering how to survive the festive season as a vegan? Check out my top strategies to stay merry & plant-powered this Christmas!
The best vegan advent calendars in the UK (2023)

The 10 Most Wonderful Vegan Advent Calendars for 2023

Unwrap daily plant-based delights throughout December! Discover my favourite vegan advent calendars for a compassionate countdown this year.
The best nut milk makers for homemade plant milk in the UK (2023)

Cream of the Crop: The Best Nut Milk Makers in the UK (2024)

Find the best nut milk maker for your kitchen! Here are the best machines to effortlessly create creamy and delicious plant milks at home.
A complete beginner's guide to veganism

A Complete Guide to Going Vegan for Beginners

Are you a newbie vegan? Explore my ultimate guide with essential tips & resources to start your sustainable & compassionate journey today!
The best non-toxic & cruelty-free soy wax candles in the UK

7 Best Soy Candles in the UK for a Cruelty-Free Glow (2024)

Indulge in the soothing ambiance of the finest soy candles in the UK. Natural, non-toxic, & much better for your health, the planet & animals!
A review of PHB Ethical Beauty makeup

Natural Makeup That Works? PHB Ethical Beauty Review (2024)

Looking for natural and organic makeup that doesn't compromise on performance? Check out my honest review of PHB Ethical Beauty!
The best vegan fashion brands in the UK 2023

Clothing for Vegans: 7 Strictly Plant-Based Fashion Brands UK

Discover the best 100% vegan fashion brands in the UK that are producing stylish, sustainable & cruelty-free clothing for 2023.
A list of vegan & sustainable fabrics

8 Sustainable Vegan Fabrics You Need to Know About

Dive into the world of sustainable fashion with vegan fabrics. Discover cruelty-free materials that align with your values today!
Animals used in the fashion industry: the suffering behind your clothing choices

The Hidden Suffering of Animals Used in Fashion

Wear kindness, not cruelty. Discover the shocking truth behind animals used in the fashion industry. Make more informed purchases today!
How to go vegan on a budget

15 Money-Saving Tips to Go Vegan on a Budget

Veganism doesn't have to be expensive! Discover practical tips to go vegan on a budget while enjoying the many benefits of plant-based living.
50+ of the best vegan gifts for him in the UK

50+ Best Vegan Gifts for Him in the UK (2024)

Show him how much you care with these thoughtful vegan gifts for him. From smart accessories to tasty treats, this is the perfect gift guide!
The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Gift Guide for Her

The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Gift Guide for Her (2024)

Looking for vegan-friendly, ethical gift ideas this Xmas? Discover 50+ thoughtful & unique vegan Christmas gifts that she'll absolutely LOVE!
Best vegan multivitamins UK

Keep It Simple: 9 Best Vegan Multivitamins UK (2024)

Worried about nutrient deficiencies on a vegan diet? Here are 9 of the best vegan multivitamins (UK) to put your health first & mind at ease.
Supplements for vegans: what vitamins do vegans need to supplement?

Supplements for Vegans: The Lowdown

Wondering what to supplement as a vegan? Look no further! This guide breaks down the key nutrients you may be missing & how to get them.
6 Eco-friendly and cruelty-free deodorants in the UK

6 Best Eco-Friendly & Cruelty-Free Deodorants UK (2024)

Ready to ditch toxic antiperspirant sprays? Read on to discover my pick of the best cruelty-free & eco-friendly deodorants in the UK today!
Woman holding paper shopping bags

A Beginner’s Guide to Ethical Shopping

Want to shop ethically but unsure where to start? This guide will explain the basics of ethical shopping & help you to make conscious choices.
Do you feel pressured to get married and have children?

Do You Feel Pressured to Get Married & Have Kids?

Feeling pressure to tie the knot & have children? Evaluate your own priorities & find empowerment in making choices that are right for you.
How to overcome self-limiting beliefs

Breaking Free: How to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

Overcoming limiting beliefs is the key to personal growth & success. Rewrite your self-imposed limitations with this empowering guide!
Why you feel empty, bored and unfulfilled

This Is Why You Feel So Empty, Bored & Unfulfilled

Feeling unfulfilled in life? Explore the reasons why in this guide, with practical tips to bring joy & purpose back into your daily life.
What to do if your parents won't let you go vegan - 10 tips to convince them

What To Do When Your Parents Won’t Let You Go Vegan

Facing resistance from your parents about going vegan? Learn how to communicate your reasons, address their concerns & find a resolution!
Can vegans date non-vegans? Are lasting relationships possible, or are their world views simply too different?

Can Vegans Date Non-Vegans? Is It a Deal Breaker?

Can vegans and non-vegans work together in relationship? Find out if this lifestyle difference is a deal breaker or if love can conquer all.
What should vegans do with their old leather and wool clothing? Can they buy vintage or wear secondhand?

What to Do With Leather After Going Vegan?

Wondering what to do with your leather belongings after embracing a vegan lifestyle? Explore the different options in this informative guide.
What should you eat when you first go vegan?

What Should You Eat When You First Go Vegan?

New to veganism? Find out what foods to incorporate into your diet as you begin your vegan journey and navigate the transition with ease!
The best non-toxic and cruelty-free perfume brands in the UK

7 Scent-illating Non-Toxic Perfume Brands in the UK

Looking for a clean perfume that is kind to your health and the planet? Find out which brands are scenting the way with ethical fragrance!
How to live your life with intention

Rewriting the Rulebook: A Guide to Intentional Living

Intentional living is about making conscious choices and living with purpose. Discover how to design a life that aligns with your values.
UK ethical jewellery brands

7 UK Ethical Jewellery Brands to Support

Want to support ethical jewellery brands in the UK? Discover my top 10 brands that use eco-friendly materials and ethical production methods.
Night routine checklist for success

The Ultimate Night Routine Checklist for Success

Want to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your morning? Follow this ultimate night routine checklist for a productive day ahead.
Things I don't buy anymore as a minimalist

35 Things I No Longer Buy as a Minimalist

As a minimalist, I've learned to live with less. Here are 35 things I no longer buy and how it has positively impacted my life (+ the planet).
How to be more intentional with your time

10 Tips to Be Intentional With Your Time

Do you feel like you're slightly off-track? These 10 tips will help you be intentional with your time and make the most of every moment.
Best books on sustainability for 2023

12 Essential Books on Sustainability for 2024

Whether you're an environmental enthusiast or just getting started, these books on sustainability are essential for your reading list.

How to Seriously Declutter Your Book Collection

Ready to let go of some of your beloved books? Here's how to declutter your book collection without sacrificing your love for reading.
The best ethical, cruelty-free & vegan handbags UK

10 Buttery-Soft Vegan Handbag Brands in the UK

Say goodbye to leather and hello to cruelty-free fashion (whilst never compromising on quality) with these 10 vegan handbag brands in the UK!
How to style and maintain a cozy minimalist home

How to Style (+ Keep) a Cosy Minimalist Home

Tired of clutter & chaos in your home? A cosy minimalist approach can help. Learn how to create a stress-free space with this complete guide.
5am self-care morning routine checklist

Rise & Shine: 5am Morning Routine Checklist

Want to be a morning person? Use this morning routine checklist to establish healthy habits and set yourself up for a productive day ahead!
The best natural organic skincare brands UK

Get Your Glow On: Best Natural & Organic Skincare in the UK

Discover the top 10 natural and organic skincare brands in the UK that are gentle on your skin and the environment. Make a positive impact!
Self-motivational intentional living quotes to live your best life

30 Inspirational Intentional Living Quotes

Ready to start living intentionally? These 30 quotes will inspire you to make positive changes and start living your best life today!
Go back to basics with a minimalist skincare routine

Cut the Crap: Minimalist Skincare Routine

Fed up of day creams, night creams, 20-step processes? Learn how a minimalist skincare routine can benefit your skin and simplify your life!
The best ethical and eco-friendly makeup brands

10 Non-Toxic & Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands UK

Want to make sure your makeup is clean, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly? This list of ethical makeup brands has got you covered.
How to create your minimal makeup routine

How to Start a Minimalist Makeup Routine

Want to make conscious choices with your makeup? Check out this minimalist makeup routine that will have you looking fresh-faced in no time!
The best clean, ethical, and sustainable haircare brands in the UK

11 Non-Toxic & Cruelty-Free Shampoo Brands in the UK (2024)

Say goodbye to toxic chemicals and hello to ethical, sustainable haircare! Try these innovative brands that are good for you and the planet.
Demystifying vegan myths and the unfair claims often levelled against it

10 Utterly Maddening Myths About Veganism

Are you curious about veganism but hesitant to make the switch? This guide debunks the most common vegan myths and sets the record straight!
These overlooked beauty truths are more important than marketing claims

The Overlooked Beauty Truths You Need to Know About

Fed up with 'miracle' product marketing claims? Read on to discover 8 overlooked beauty truths that are within your control.
Exploring the intersection between minimalism and veganism

Why Minimalism & Veganism Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

How do minimalism and veganism intersect to create an intentional lifestyle? This guide provides practical insights for living consciously.
Plant-based superfoods to add to your weekly shop

12 Superfoods to Supercharge Your Vegan Weekly Shop

Want to eat healthier? Incorporate these 12 superfoods into your meals. From leafy greens to berries, these foods are packed with nutrition.
The dangers of mental masturbation and how to push through it to make real changes in your life

Mental Masturbation: Are You Guilty?

Do you talk the talk? For an understanding of how to overcome the analysis-paralysis of mental masturbation, discover my top tips!
Beginner tips and advice on how to go vegan

10 Top Tips to Transition to a Vegan Diet

Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of transitioning to a vegan diet? Get helpful advice with these tried and tested tips on how to go vegan!
Why self love is important in the recovery process when you breakup with your partner

How to Love Yourself After a Breakup

Learn how to love yourself after a breakup, with actionable steps to help you on your own journey to recovery and ultimately self-discovery.
Why personal core values are important and how to find your values

Know Your Why: How to Identify Your Core Values

Core values are the foundational beliefs that drive your behaviour and guide your life decisions! Discover your own with this complete guide.
Eye-opening and educational documentaries about the fast fashion industry

10 Eye-Opening Fast Fashion Documentaries

Discover the dark side of fast fashion with these essential documentaries. Find out how it impacts our world and what can be done to help.
Declutter physically and mentally to live a simple life of true fulfilment

33 Practical Ways to Simplify Your Life

Find lasting joy and fulfilment against the hectic pace of modern living. Learn how to reduce stress and simplify your life with these tips.
How to quit the fast fashion industry and make more conscious clothing choices

How to Quit Fast Fashion & Embrace Slow Fashion

Want to change your shopping habits but unsure how to quit fast fashion? Read on for actionable tips on how to embrace slow fashion.
Sustainable fashion brands to support in the UK

11 Ethical (+ Affordable!) Fashion Brands in the UK

Get your wardrobe on point without breaking the bank or compromising your values. Here are 10 ethical and affordable fashion brands in the UK!
Avoid online shopping and try these fulfilling activities today

100 Things to Do Instead of Shopping

More stuff doesn't equal lasting fulfilment! For the ultimate list of things to do instead of shopping, look no further.
Why you should stop buying fast fashion going forwards

Why You Should Break Up With Fast Fashion ASAP

Learn about the true cost of fast fashion and why it's time for you to opt out of this devastating consumer cycle. Change starts with you!
Plant-based documentaries to encourage you to adopt a vegan lifestyle

Food for Thought: 11 Must-Watch Vegan Documentaries (2024)

To understand more about a plant-based lifestyle, check out my top recommended documentaries to make you go vegan today!
Move away from harmful approval seeking behaviours and look to yourself for the answers

Why You’ve Got to Stop Seeking External Validation

Stop seeking external validation! Say goodbye to people-pleasing tendencies & start looking inward for approval with this step-by-step guide.
The best vegan recipe kit and readymeal boxes for a plant-based meal plan

8 Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services UK

Beat time constraints and stay healthy with these best vegan meal delivery services. Start your wholesome, plant-based meal plan today!
Self-discipline is the definition of self-love and self-respect

Self-Discipline Is Self-Love: 9 Low Dopamine Healthy Habits

Self-discipline is self-love! Although it requires dedication, the end result is worth the effort! Develop these 9 healthy habits today.
A selection of minimalist gift ideas for her

Gift With Purpose: 21 Minimalist Gift Ideas for Her

Stuck with minimalist gift ideas for her? Wow your conscious-consuming lover with these inspiring suggestions this year!
Life-changing books to overcome stress and anxiety

13 Best Books for Overthinking and Anxiety

Feeling stressed? Here are the 13 best books for anxiety and overthinking. Get ready to make positive changes in your life!
Minimalist bedroom styling ideas with indoor plants

10 Minimalist Plant Bedroom Decor Ideas

With styling advice for minimalist plant bedroom decor, this guide will help you to create your relaxing and spa-like sleep sanctuary.
Helping you to create a weekly minimalist meal plan

How to Create Your Minimalist Vegan Meal Plan

Work smarter, not harder! Create your minimalist vegan meal plan today, hitting all of your daily nutritional needs through simple meal prep.
Why you should create more and consume less

Why You Should Create More, Consume Less

Understand the benefits of creative output and the dangers of mindless consumption, with tips to help you create more, consume less.

15 Must-Read Books to Manifest Your Dream Life in 2024

Start your manifestation journey today with this list of my favourite law of attraction books, and create the life of your wildest dreams!
Considering the advantages and disadvantages of a vegan plant-based diet

The Green Plate Debate: Pros and Cons of Going Vegan

Explore the pros and cons of going vegan! This is your definitive guide that weighs up the evidence (plus an honest vegan's perspective, too).
Have the motivation to get up on your alarm and start the day with intention.

21 Motivational Quotes to Wake Up Early

Start your day with intention by getting up on your alarm. Here are 21 quotes to motivate you to wake up earlier and stop hitting the snooze button.
A guide to stop buying stuff you don't need

A Simple Guide to Stop Buying Stuff You Don’t Need

Develop self-control when it comes to mindless impulse purchases, with this easy and practical guide to stop buying stuff you don't need.
Helping you to manifest now

10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration for Manifestation

Tap into the energetic abundance that flows through the universe with the law of vibration. Harness the power of thought to manifest your dream life.
Helping you to create your minimalist capsule wardrobe

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

Build a minimalist capsule wardrobe with timeless pieces of higher quality, whilst developing your own sense of personal style.