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From the pros and cons of plant-based diets, to creating a minimalist capsule wardrobe, your journey towards Intentionalism starts here! Explore the four pillars of Intentionalism with weekly articles on Mindfulness, Productivity, Minimalism and Veganism. There’s no time like the present, so grab a cup of tea, get comfy and take notes. Let’s get your own personal revolution started today!

Plant-based superfoods to add to your weekly shopVeganism
27 March 2023

12 Superfoods to Supercharge Your Weekly Shop

Want to eat healthier? Incorporate these 12 superfoods into your meals. From leafy greens to berries, these foods are packed with nutrition.
The dangers of mental masturbation and how to push through it to make real changes in your lifeProductivity
22 March 2023

Mental Masturbation: Are You Guilty?

Do you talk the talk? For an understanding of how to overcome the analysis-paralysis of mental masturbation, discover my top tips!
Beginner tips and advice on how to go veganVeganism
19 March 2023

10 Top Tips to Transition to a Vegan Diet

Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of transitioning to a vegan diet? Get helpful advice with these tried and tested tips on how to go vegan!
Why self love is important in the recovery process when you breakup with your partnerMindfulness
15 March 2023

How to Love Yourself After a Breakup

Learn how to love yourself after a breakup, with actionable steps to help you on your own journey to recovery and ultimately self-discovery.
Why personal core values are important and how to find your valuesMindfulness
15 March 2023

Know Your Why: How to Identify Your Core Values

Core values are the foundational beliefs that drive your behaviour and guide your life decisions! Discover your own with this complete guide.
Eye-opening and educational documentaries about the fast fashion industryMinimalism
12 March 2023

10 Eye-Opening Fast Fashion Documentaries

Discover the dark side of fast fashion with these essential documentaries. Find out how it impacts our world and what can be done to help.
Declutter physically and mentally to live a simple life of true fulfilmentProductivity
8 March 2023

33 Practical Ways to Simplify Your Life

Find lasting joy and fulfilment against the hectic pace of modern living. Learn how to reduce stress and simplify your life with these tips.
How to quit the fast fashion industry and make more conscious clothing choicesMinimalism
5 March 2023

How to Quit Fast Fashion & Embrace Slow Fashion

Want to change your shopping habits but unsure how to quit fast fashion? Read on for actionable tips on how to embrace slow fashion.
Sustainable fashion brands to support in the UKMinimalism
3 March 2023

12 Ethical (+ Affordable!) Fashion Brands in the UK

Get your wardrobe on point without breaking the bank or compromising your values. Here are 12 ethical and affordable fashion brands in the UK!
Avoid online shopping and try these fulfilling activities todayProductivity
1 March 2023

100 Things to Do Instead of Shopping

More stuff doesn't equal lasting fulfilment! For the ultimate list of things to do instead of shopping, look no further.
Why you should stop buying fast fashion going forwardsMinimalism
26 February 2023

Why You Should Break Up With Fast Fashion ASAP

Learn about the true cost of fast fashion and why it's time for you to opt out of this devastating consumer cycle. Change starts with you!
Plant-based documentaries to encourage you to adopt a vegan lifestyleVeganism
22 February 2023

9 Documentaries to Make You Go Vegan

To understand more about a plant-based lifestyle, check out my top recommended documentaries to make you go vegan today!
Move away from harmful approval seeking behaviours and look to yourself for the answersMindfulness
19 February 2023

Why You’ve Got to Stop Seeking External Validation

Stop seeking external validation! Say goodbye to people-pleasing tendencies & start looking inward for approval with this step-by-step guide.
The best vegan recipe kit and readymeal boxes for a plant-based meal planVeganism
14 February 2023

12 Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services UK

Beat time constraints and stay healthy with these best vegan meal delivery services. Start your wholesome, plant-based meal plan today!
Self-discipline is the definition of self-love and self-respectProductivity
12 February 2023

Self-Discipline Is Self-Love: 9 Daily Habits

Self-discipline is self-love! Although it requires dedication, the end result is worth the effort! Develop these 9 healthy habits today.
A selection of the best Valentine's Day gift ideas for minimalistsMinimalism
7 February 2023

21 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Minimalists

Stuck for Valentine's gift ideas for minimalists? Wow your conscious-consuming lover with these inspiring suggestions this year!
Life-changing books to overcome stress and anxietyMindfulness
3 February 2023

13 Best Books for Overthinking and Anxiety

Feeling stressed? Here are the 13 best books for anxiety and overthinking. Get ready to make positive changes in your life!
Minimalist bedroom styling ideas with indoor plantsMinimalism
27 January 2023

10 Minimalist Plant Bedroom Decor Ideas

With styling advice for minimalist plant bedroom decor, this guide will help you to create your relaxing and spa-like sleep sanctuary.
Helping you to create a weekly minimalist meal planVeganism
22 January 2023

How to Create Your Minimalist Meal Plan

Work smarter, not harder! Create your minimalist meal plan today, with tips to hit all your daily nutritional needs through simple meal prep.
Why you should create more and consume lessProductivity
15 January 2023

Why You Should Create More, Consume Less

Understand the benefits of creative output and the dangers of mindless consumption, with tips to help you create more, consume less.
7 January 2023

15 Must-Read Books to Manifest Your Dream Life in 2023

Start your manifestation journey today with this list of my favourite law of attraction books, and create the life of your wildest dreams!
Considering the advantages and disadvantages of a vegan plant-based dietVeganism
1 January 2023

The Pros & Cons of a Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet

Discussing the pros and cons of a whole-food plant-based diet, this is your research-backed, personally honest and definitive guide.
Have the motivation to get up on your alarm and start the day with intention.Productivity
30 December 2022

21 Motivational Quotes to Wake Up Early

Start your day with intention by getting up on your alarm. Here are 21 quotes to motivate you to wake up earlier and stop hitting the snooze button.
A guide to stop buying stuff you don't needMinimalism
27 December 2022

A Simple 7 Step Guide to Stop Buying Stuff You Don’t Need

Develop self-control when it comes to mindless impulse purchases, with this easy and practical guide to stop buying stuff you don't need.
Helping you to manifest nowMindfulness
27 December 2022

10 Instant Ways to Raise Your Vibration & Manifest Now

Tap into the energetic abundance that flows through the universe with the law of vibration. Harness the power of thought to manifest your dream life.
Helping you to create your minimalist capsule wardrobeMinimalism
27 December 2022

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe

Build a minimalist capsule wardrobe with timeless pieces of higher quality, whilst developing your own sense of personal style.