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Hello! I’m Sophie, the voice behind Intentional View, and I’m on a mission to help my readers make more intentional choices. By introducing them to everyday ethical and sustainable swaps – whether it’s in their wardrobe, makeup bag or cleaning cupboard – I advocate for a plant-based world which is kind to people, planet and animals.

My readers are actively searching for brands that align with their values. So if you’re looking to get your brand in front of highly engaged and conscious consumers, then you’ve come to the right place!

Refillable Fussy deodorant

About Intentional View

Intentional View website statistics

1. General Info

20 domain authority ✅
5,000 organic traffic 🚗
46% MoM organic growth 📈
500 direct traffic 🚗
900 email subscribers 📧

Intentional View audience demographics

2. Demographics

Female 👩
Aged 25-34 years old 💁‍♀️
Graduates & professionals 👩‍🎓
From the UK 🇬🇧
Using a mobile device 📱

Intentional View reader interests

3. Audience Interests

Newbie vegans 🐰
Health & fitness fans 🏃‍♀️
Style & beauty lovers 👗
Natural & non-toxic seekers 🌱
Conscious shoppers 🛍

Intentional View promotional articles

Who I'm Looking To Work With

I’m keen to make veganism and ethical shopping accessible for all.

As such, I only work with brands that share my vision and are fighting the good fight (no greenwashing, please!). If you identify as an ethical and sustainable brand and are actively disrupting your industry, then we are already closely aligned and I’d love to hear from you.

What I don’t want to receive:

  • Automated, generic, or copy-and-paste emails
  • Guest post or backlink requests
  • Requests for free brand promotion

Brands I've Worked With

Nothing Fishy logo
Omnitau logo
Vegan Vitality logo

Why Work With Intentional View?

Unlike a lot of the bland content clogging up the internet, I write in a way which expresses my personality whilst adding genuine value. My articles are meticulously researched, and I pride myself on providing all the information a reader could ever need to make an informed decision.

I also write content that ranks well on Google. This is because I consistently publish helpful content, format my articles well, cover my niche in depth, and, well… actually care about what I’m writing!

The proof is in the (dairy-free) pudding, so I should mention that I also have a first-class postgraduate degree in Creative Writing from Oxford University and work as an SEO specialist and content writer for a living. Basically, I live and breathe this stuff, so you’re in good hands!

Vegums collaboration

How You Can Work With Intentional View

Advertise your sustainable brand - review piece

1. Brand Review

I’ll publish a review of your brand, including unique imagery, clear experience with the product, and my own personal insights. It should go without saying, but I must try out your product/service before reviewing it to make sure I love it. See my Vegums review for an example of this type of post.

Yes Please
Advertise your ethical brand - listicle inclusion

2. Listicle Inclusion

Listicles are perfect for visitors who are actively searching for ethical and sustainable brands. They also have clear calls to action to visit these websites. If you’d like to feature your brand in one of my ‘best of’ posts, I’ll assess your brand to see if it’s a good fit. See my post on ethical UK fashion brands for an example.

Yes Please
Advertise your vegan brand - native advertising

3. Native Advertising

Native advertising sits in harmony with the written content around it – a far cry from the ads you see plastered across most websites. If you’d like to feature your brand in a relevant, niche-specifc article, I can do so in a targeted and effective way. See my post on Omega-3 for an example of this.

Yes Please
Social media notifications on a mobile phone

(Psst... What About Social Media?)

Please note that Intentional View is an intentionally social media-free brand.

I realised very early on that social media doesn’t align with my own values. I want to write in-depth, helpful articles for people who are actively finding my website via relevant search terms. Social media, on the other hand, focuses on click-bait, distracting content that is shoved in people’s faces whether they like it or not.

The other major benefit of going social media-free is that my content is evergreen. This means that I don’t have to rely on the unrelenting hamster wheel of posting daily content. Once an article is published and starts ranking, it brings in consistent monthly Google traffic. I can then focus my attention on converting my Google traffic into loyal email subscribers.

Sound Good? Get In Touch!

If all this sounds up your street, then I’d love to hear from you. And, if you’ve got a collaboration opportunity or project in mind that I haven’t listed here, then I’m all ears!

To find out more about how I can help you (as well as my pricing), feel free to pop an email over to with a bit about your brand and how you envision us working together, or select the option you’re interested in below: