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If you have a friend or family member who has recently gone plant-based, then it can feel a little overwhelming knowing where to start with vegan Christmas gifts. As the festive season approaches, you may find yourself asking questions like:

What can and can’t I buy any more? Are some products now totally off-limits? What stocking fillers are there that don’t involve a Terry’s Chocolate Orange?!

Or, perhaps you’re a long-standing vegan who only wants to buy plant-based gifts. Whatever your stance, I’m here to provide you with some much-needed inspiration to find the perfect Christmas gift (minus the animal products). From a touch of luxury to the ideal stocking filler, there’s something vegan-friendly for every taste and budget.

So to make your Christmas shopping a doddle, I’ve scoured the internet for the best vegan Christmas gifts in 2024. Plus, throughout this gift guide, I’ve made sure to prioritise presents that are not only vegan and cruelty-free, but are also ethical, high quality and planet-friendly, too. Read on to purchase more consciously with these best vegan gifts for her!

Quick Summary

Here are 50+ vegan Christmas gifts that she’ll genuinely thank you for

If you’re looking for thoughtful vegan Christmas gift ideas, then I’ve got you covered in this ultimate guide. As a vegan female in my thirties, these are all gifts that I’d love to either give or receive myself, so you can rest assured that they have my plant-based seal of approval!

From vegan sweet treats to an ingenious tofu press, take a look at these 50+ vegan-friendly gifts for your loved ones.

For Vegan Foodies

Plant-based diets are all the rage at the moment, and with the numerous benefits (e.g. personal health, sustainability, ethics) – it’s really no surprise! The vegan gift ideas in this section are ideal for anyone who misses cheese, loves some deluxe snacks, or wants to cook up a feast in the kitchen.

Plant-Based Cheeses

1. La Fauxmargerie Bundle

If your vegan friend misses a full cheeseboard, then La Fauxmargerie are the UK’s first plant-based cheesemonger. For something a little more exciting than your Violife supermarket basics, you’ll need to act quickly, because their delicious bundle is a regular sell-out (which can only be a good sign!).

2. The Big Vegan Cheese Making Kit

Developed by vegans who were largely disappointed by shop-bought vegan cheese (believe me, the struggle is real), the Big Vegan Cheese Making Kit will keep your vegan recipient stocked up with enough ingredients to make 6 different cheeses in 20 batches.

3. Starter Culture Vegan Cheese Selection

Who said the cheese board had to be off the menu?! Starter Culture’s Vegan Cheese selection includes mouthwatering cashew-based cheese varieties like Truffle, Farmhouse, Smoked and Spirulina Blue.

Delicious Vegan Hampers

4. The Goodness Project Vegan Hamper Gift Box

Founded in 2013 after frustration at not being able to find healthy, natural, vegan and gluten-free gifts, The Goodness Project is on a mission to bring plant-based treats to your loved one’s doorstep.

5. Eden Treats Luxury Vegan & Gluten-Free Hamper

For an award-winning selection of artisan treats, this personalised hamper is packed full of vegan products to enjoy – from gourmet sweets to savoury snacks.

6. The Cornish Company Vegan Cream Tea Hamper

The perfect gift for cream tea lovers. Vegan scones served with a side of jam and Oatly plant-based creme fraiche… delicious!

Vegan-Friendly Kitchenware

7. Tofuture Tofu Press

I am all about a minimal kitchen, but for a vegan who regularly eats tofu, this tofu press by Tofuture is a nifty contraption that could be the answer to all their soy-based prayers.

8. Springlane Vegan Milk Maker

A great gift for anyone who loves their plant-based nut drinks. With a quality nut milk maker, not only do you have absolute control over every ingredient that goes into each bottle (no sugars or artificial sweeteners in sight) – it also works out a lot cheaper in the long run than buying readymade cartons.

9. Rowen Stillwater Vegan Wax Wraps

If your eco-conscious friend no longer wants to use beeswax wraps but hasn’t been able to find an alternative up to now, then look no further! This set comes in three different designs that can be washed, reused and composted.

For No Shipping Required

If you’re looking for truly zero-waste gifts, then consider going digital (also a life-saver when you’ve left things a bit last minute and missed the last Christmas postage dates – I won’t tell if you don’t!).

A Gift Card for a Vegan Store

10. Immaculate Vegan Gift Card

Immaculate Vegan is the place to go for ethical vegan fashion. Launched in 2019 to help people make better choices that positively impact people, planet and animals when they shop, this makes a fab gift if you’re feeling stuck for ideas.

11. Planty Gift Voucher

For chef-made ready meals that just need popping in the microwave, a Planty voucher will be gratefully received by any vegan recipient (especially good for uni students!).

12. Will's Vegan Store Gift Voucher

Give the gift of a positive choice with an e-voucher that never expires. Will’s Vegan Store sell gorgeous shoes, clothing and accessories that she’ll be falling head over heels for.

An Ebook

13. How to Create a Vegan World by Tobias Leenaert

If your vegan friend wants to promote veganism more widely, then Tobias Leenaert’s book is a thought-provoking read for both budding and seasoned animal activists alike.

14. How Not to Die Cookbook by Dr Michael Greger

For a vegan cookbook jam-packed with healthy and delicious plant-based recipes, Dr Greger’s How Not to Die is as educational as it is inspiring.

15. Animal Liberation Now by Peter Singer

First published in 1975 and widely regarded as the seminal text of the animal rights movement, Animal Liberation was rewritten and rereleased in June 2023. A must-read for any ethical vegan.

Donation to a Vegan Charity

16. Viva!

Viva! is the UK’s leading vegan campaigning charity. Donate to support undercover investigations and high-profile animal campaigns that aim to create a kinder, more sustainable future.

17. The Vegan Society

The oldest vegan organisation in the world, The Vegan Society was founded in 1944 and is now one of the world’s leading educational charities providing information and guidance on all things veganism.

18. PETA

PETA (or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is the largest animal rights organisation in the world. It focuses its attention on laboratory testing, as well as the food, clothing and entertainment industries.

For Vegan Fashionistas

From presents that proudly display a vegan lifestyle to a subtler choice, check out these adorable and stylish slow fashion vegan gift ideas. For more ideas, I’ve got plenty of vegan fashion suggestions over here.

Clothing with a Plant-Based Twist

19. Batch1 Vegging Out Sweatshirt

This oversized veggie sweatshirt is incredibly cute. Committed to a sustainable fashion future, Batch1 garments are made to order to reduce waste, and are printed using water-based, eco-friendly inks.

20. Plant Faced Clothing No Beef Sweater

For a gift with an activist slant, this ethical sweater from Plant-Faced Clothing is vegan streetwear at its finest. It’s also perfect for the colder winter months.

21. Vegan Outfitters Herbivore Vegan Sweatshirt

Not to be confused with Urban Outfitters, Vegan Outfitters describe themselves as the destination brand for the plant-based generation (plus, every purchase feeds a rescued farm animal).

Cute Novelty Vegan Jewellery

22. Etsy Vegan Morse Code Bracelet

For a subtle nod to veganism, this Morse code vegan bracelet is a unique, budget-friendly and thoughtful way to say Merry Christmas to your vegan loved one this year.

23. Gung Ho Protein Charm Necklace

Gung Ho cleverly weave conversations into every garment they produce, with this particular project focusing on how adopting a plant-based diet is an everyday change we can make to lower our environmental impact. These cute statement veggie charms are handmade to order.

24. Etsy Herbivore Friendship Bracelet

This herbivore friendship bracelet celebrates a vegan lifestyle – supporting a small, independent business and spreading a positive message. What’s not to love?!

Bags & Purses

25. Watson & Wolfe Large Zipped Purse

You’d be hard-pressed to tell that this purse is faux leather! For classic pieces without the suffering and cruelty, Watson & Wolfe have got you covered with their beautiful leather alternatives.

26. A C Official Vegan Silicon Leather Shopper

Possibly the perfect vegan tan shopper, A C Official’s Claudia Bag is elegant and timeless. It also has a slip for a 15″ laptop and plenty of internal compartments for stunning form meets functionality.

27. Johhny Loves Rosie Half Moon Bag

Johnny Loves Rosie sell a gorgeous range of vegan leather bags – this neutral half-moon handbag will be their new go-to! Plus, you can add lots of personal touches to make it that extra bit special this Christmas.

For a Luxury Vegan Home Spa Day

For an indulgent spa experience in the comfort of their own home, treat your vegan friend to some calming essential oils or soothing body lotion – saying hello to relaxation and goodbye to animal-based ingredients.

Replenishing Vegan Moisturisers

28. Tropic Skincare Unscented Daily Moisturiser

Tropic Skincare prioritises natural ingredients that protect the planet, fund good causes… and actually work! With award-winning ethical and effective formulations, this unscented daily moisturiser is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin.

29. Upcircle Face Moisturiser with Vitamin E

For vegan beauty that rescues and upcycles by-products from the food and drink industries, Upcircle are on a vegan, cruelty-free, organic and ocean-friendly mission that your vegan gift recipient will want to support.

30. Neal’s Yard Frankincense Nourishing Cream

Neal’s Yard value inner health and wellness, with vegan-friendly products that help you to look good as well as do good. Their nourishing moisturiser is nutrient-rich, great for dry skin, and comes in an eco-friendly glass bottle.

Ethical Haircare

31. Aveda Botanical Repair Discovery Set

AVEDA are a B-Corp with Leaping Bunny approval. This botanical repair gift set is a lovely present for anyone looking for salon-quality results with kind formulations.

32. Ethique Live & Let Shine Gift Pack

Shampoo and conditioner bars are the plastic-free and zero-waste option when it comes to haircare, and you can’t go wrong with Ethique’s gift pack for balanced hair. Side note: there are also all-natural purple bars for blondes – cool, huh?!

33. Fiils The Coconut Hair Duo

Fiils are an innovative refillable haircare brand that are shaking up the shampoo industry! It’s also super budget-friendly after your initial purchase (and better for the environment, too!).

Cruelty-Free Home Scenting

34. Sana Jardin Tiger by Her Side Scented Candle

If you’re looking for vegan and sustainable candles, then Sana Jardin make the perfect vegan Christmas gifts. Spicy and arresting, this warm, inviting fragrance is wonderful to curl up with after a long day.

35. NEOM Perfect Night’s Sleep Pod Starter Pack

I am a little bit obsessed with B-Corp brand NEOM’s home scenting pods. For minimalist luxury that keeps on giving, treat your loved one to relaxing natural and non-toxic aromas. Their perfect night’s sleep starter pack sounds like heaven!

36. Marigold Charms Vegan Spa Gift Collection

Marigold Charms Spa Gift Collection is just beautiful. It’s also sustainable and handmade, featuring an assortment of relaxing bath and body products that contain zero animal products. Plus, it even fits through a letterbox for guaranteed delivery!

Vegan Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas

If you’re looking for some vegan Christmas stocking filler ideas, then there are plenty of gifts to choose from below (with some little vegan gifts under £10). From traditional Christmas chocolates to the token pair of socks, delight your loved ones with these ethical and vegan presents!

Luxury Vegan Hot Chocolate

37. Naturya Organic Fair Trade Chocolate

If you’re thinking of gifting a milk-making machine, then some organic and fair-trade cocoa powder from Naturya would be the perfect accompaniment!

38. Divine Cocoa

Dark chocolate lovers unite! For a cup of rich, fragrant cocoa, Divine are looking after animals whilst also directly improving the lives of farmers with each product sold.

39. Wildly Organic Cacao Powder

Minimally processed and antioxidant rich, Wildly Organic is Fairtrade certified and sustainably farmed. Ideal for the new vegan who misses their sweet treats!

Indulgent Dairy-Free Chocolate

40. HIP Chocolate Pouch Bundle

Is it even Christmas without chocolate?! HIP’s oat milk pouches are the perfect budget-friendly vegan treats for those with a sweet tooth.

41. Booja Booja Chocolate Orange Vegan Truffles

Terry’s Chocolate Orange stand aside! Booja Booja create the most indulgent vegan truffles, and these ones are orange-flavoured (so if Terry’s is a Christmas tradition in your household, there’s no drama!).

42. Happi 4x Vegan Chocolate Bars

These seasonal plant-based chocolate bars from Happi come in Peppermint plus Honeycomb & Ginger flavours. Enough to gift to multiple family members, if you like!

Vegan Sweets

43. Candy Kittens Wild Strawberry Bag

Founded by Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing (don’t let this put you off if you’re not a reality TV fan!), Candy Kittens are a B-Corp certified brand that produce solely vegan sweets. You can’t go wrong with the original wild strawberry flavour.

44. Sweet Yourself Mixed Sweet Box

Sweet Yourself is a family-owned vegan confectionery company from the UK. They make transparent, sustainable and cruelty-free sweets that never compromise on taste or quality. Their all-rounder mixed sweet box is perfect for pick-n-mix lovers.

45. Vesweeties Vegan Sweet Jar

This personalised vegan sweetie jar comes with a gift tag that you can write on, plus 400g of delicious vegan sweets inside! The jars are recyclable and reusable once empty. You can also select a gluten-free option if needed.

Novelty Vegan Socks

46. Vegan Outfitters Livin’ Life on the Veg Socks

Treat your vegan or veggie friend to these funky vegan socks. They have a cushioned sole and are lovely quality, plus they can’t help but make you smile!

47. Etsy Unisex Veggie Socks Gift Box Set

This set of 4 pairs of handmade vegetable-inspired socks comes in a sweet presentation box. A great gift for those following a vegan diet.

48. Rapanui Women’s Organic Cotton Trainer Socks

Rapanui are a fantastic ethical clothing brand hailing from the Isle of Wight. These soft organic cotton trainer socks feature a nature-inspired bee print for your animal-loving gift recipient.

Wildflower Seeds

49. Free Wellbeing Merry Christmas Seed Balls

These environmentally friendly and UK-made seed bomb balls are a lovely idea for any vegan eco-warrior. The wildflowers that grow will naturally attract bees and butterflies to their garden.

50. Seedball Happy Christmas Seed Boxes

A wildflower seed mix in 3 seasonal seedboxes. The ideal green-fingered and eco-friendly stocking filler.

51. Friendly Seed Company Wildflower Seeds Trio Pack

Carefully suited to native bees and other pollinators, check out The Friendly Seed Company for 3 quality packets of specially selected native British wildflower seeds.

A Tote Bag With a Plant-Based Twist

52. Vegan Outfitters St Joaquin Tote Bag

You’ll probably only get this one if you’re a vegan in-the-know, but Joaquin Phoenix is a shining light in the world of animal activism. For fans of Earthlings, this is a cult classic!

53. Vegan Outfitters Be Kind Tote Bag

A small bag with a big message. For vegans who are plant-based for ethical reasons, this is a really thoughtful stocking filler.

54. Vegan Outfitters Guacamole Ingredients Tote Bag

If you know a fan of guac (show me a vegan that isn’t!), then this cute and planet-friendly reusable tote is a gift she’ll love. Oh, and there’s one for hummus, too!

A Vegan Leather Notebook

55. A Good Company Dusty Pink A5 Notebook

Made from reused stone, this lovely vegan notebook is both tear and water-resistant. It contains 144 blank pages and is made with no wood pulp, water or added chemicals. It is printed with eco-friendly soy ink.

56. Martha Brook Personalised A5 Vegan Leather Embossed Notebook

This stunning vegan faux leather notebook from Martha Brook can be personalised, making it an extra-special option for the stationery lover in your life.

57. Jungley Leaf Leather Refillable A5 Journal

For a truly innovative option, try Jungley. Their leaf leather journals are made with 100% vegan leather and are refillable, too!

Clean & Cruelty-Free Perfume

58. The Nue Co Forest Lungs Fragrance

Forest Lungs is an award-winning fragrance from The Nue Co, harnessing the power of nature in a woody, anti-stress fragrance. If they don’t like overly girly scents, then this is a lovely unisex option.

59. Floral Street Wonderland Peony Eau de Parfum

For a subtle and pretty fragrance, Wonderland Peony is stylishly sophisticated. It’s also kind to animals plus housed in eco-friendly recyclable packaging. Win-win!

60. Abel Golden Neroli Eau de Parfum

Golden Neroli is a citrusy, floral and feminine fragrance created with 100% natural ingredients and Vegan Society certified. It contains beautiful notes of ylang ylang, jasmin and vanilla.

What to Buy a Vegan for Christmas? Try These Ethical & Cruelty-Free Gifts This Year

With Christmas on the horizon, I hope that this vegan gift guide for her has given you lots of ideas for what to get your loved ones this year – whether it’s your daughter, mum, sister, aunt or friend. When we are more conscious about the brands we choose to spend our money with, we vote for the kind of world we want to live in, so it’s a powerful choice and one that you can genuinely feel good about.

If this post has inspired you to think more about your shopping habits, then check out some easy tips on how to be a more ethical shopper. And, if you’re a vegan, you may want to check out my guide to surviving the Christmas holidays!

Btw, I’ve also got a vegan gift guide for him just here, plus some vegan Valentine’s suggestions over here.

Happy plant-based gifting! 💚

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