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I faced a dilemma when I went vegan. I’ve always loved the edgy, alternative look of a leather jacket, but what I don’t love is the cruelty, suffering, and slaughter that brought it into existence.

As such, I’ve searched high and low for the best vegan leather jackets (that are also kind to people and planet).

Without a doubt, the most sustainable option is to wear out what you already own. However, I totally understand why you might not feel comfortable wearing leather anymore as a vegan.

It can be hard to know where to start when looking for quality vegan fashion. But don’t panic, because I’ve done the research for you and rounded up my top picks of animal-friendly, faux leather jackets currently available in 2024. Let’s take a look!

Here are the best vegan leather jackets in the UK that will last a lifetime

A leather jacket is a staple piece in any minimalist capsule wardrobe, transitioning seasons and pairing with pretty much anything.

When choosing the leather jackets in this list, style was of course important. But I should also point out that I won’t be recommending fast fashion jackets made from environmentally destructive materials like cheap PVC. These won’t have the same soft, supple feel of real leather. And crucially – they won’t last. I’ve answered all of your questions later in this post.

These jackets are made from high-quality vegan leather that mimics the real thing. Plus, you’ll be supporting some lovely brands in the process.

#1 Will's Vegan Store Moto Jacket

Made from the softest Italian vegan nappa, Will’s Vegan Store has nailed the classic biker look with this stunning black Moto Jacket. Sitting perfectly on the hips, it would look just as great layered over a t-shirt or a chunky knit, so will be your trusty go-to to see you through the seasons.

In particular, I love the subtle contrast of the vegan suede panels, which provide a luxurious matte finish.

Will’s Vegan Store are a fantastic brand that ethically produce their products in small batches in Tuscany, Italy. Everything has been carefully considered, right down to the responsibly sourced and nickel-free hardware. Oh, and I should also add that not only is it great value – it has rave reviews:

The fabric is incredible – so soft and light that it’s like wearing a cashmere cardigan, only ethical and cool.

#2 Culthread Recycled Coffee Leather Biker Jacket

If you’re looking for the OG in vegan leather jackets, then look no further than Culthread! A well-respected label that specialises in ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free faux leather jackets, they are a rare find.

The cropped, classic biker silhouette will never go out of fashion, plus it is PETA-certified and made from innovative upcycled materials.

In fact, it is made from ‘coffee-cycled’ vegan leather – AKA coffee ground waste, recycled polyester fabric and other deadstock materials that would otherwise be destined for landfill. Even the zippers and thread are 100% recycled!

The water-based PU coating gives the look and feel of genuine leather, without the traditional toxic chemical processes. It also has a ton of practical features, including a hidden rain hood and zipped pockets (including one for your phone!).

#3 Will's Vegan Store Racer Jacket

I just feel slick wearing this jacket, a vegan bad-ass.
5-star review

Yep, I simply had to include another option from Will’s Vegan Store!

This vegan leather racer-style jacket is my personal preference – slim, clean and minimal. It is cut to sit on the hips and has snap fastenings on the collar and cuffs, as well as sleeve zips and fully lined pockets.

Made from durable pebble grain (a supple Italian vegan leather), this jacket could honestly pass as real leather to the naked eye. It also comes in two colours – classic black or gorgeous tan leather.

Will’s Vegan Store offer a return-to-recycle service when the product reaches the end of its life, but I doubt you’ll need to take them up on the offer with this high-quality, timeless wardrobe classic!

#4 Minuit sur Terre Recycled Zip Jacket

For something a little different to your classic biker chick look, elevate your style with Minuit sur Terre’s Alex Jacket. The creamy beige colour looks instantly expensive, combining rock’n’roll vibes with softness and femininity.

The PETA-approved French label have been creating shoes, accessories and clothing free from animal-derived materials since 2017. They are also mindful of their environmental impact, sourcing plant-based and recycled textiles wherever they can (whether fruit leather, plastic bottles, or waste fabric scraps).

Working with small factories in the Porto region of Portugal, you can rest assured that your vegan leather jacket has been made under fair working conditions from kind, recycled vegan materials.

#5 Belle & Bloom Reload Leather Look Jacket

If you’re after a more designer look, then take a peek at Belle & Bloom’s draped faux leather jacket. A lovely independent brand making luxury pieces for the modern woman, you can shop their collection from one of my favourite B-Corp-certified stores – Wolf & Badger.

This twist on a classic is excellent quality, with reviews commenting that it’s nice and cosy – perfect if you’re looking for a more durable, heavy-duty jacket to see you through the winter months.

Oversized with drawstring detailing at the hem, it is made by skilled artisans from 100% high-quality PU vegan leather on cotton backing. With patch pockets, shoulder epaulettes, and adjustable sleeve tabs, you can really see the level of attention to detail that has gone into this design.

Vegan Leather Jacket FAQs

Are vegan leather jackets as durable as real leather?

Honestly? Whether real leather is more durable or not is kind of irrelevant. Because animals should be off the table when it comes to fashion. Period.

If we’re looking at the facts, then vegan leather made from plastics like PVC and PU generally isn’t as long-lasting or durable as real leather. However, there have been loads of exciting innovations in vegan leather in recent years, and the quality is improving exponentially with the use of new materials.

If you take good care of your vegan leather jacket, there’s no reason it shouldn’t happily last you for many, many years – without any of the suffering associated with real leather.

Is it hypocritical to wear faux leather as a vegan?

Some people will ask why vegans would want to wear something that mimics the look of animal skin. And it’s a tricky one! It’s similar to saying that it’s hypocritical for vegans to enjoy mock meat products – why would they want to buy fake burgers and mince in the first place?

I think it’s worth pointing out, in both instances, that people don’t tend to go plant-based because they don’t like the taste of meat or the look of leather. They go vegan for ethical reasons. So I don’t think there’s anything wrong with choosing kinder alternatives.

The only problem with vegan leather jackets is that they can look so realistic, you run the risk of people assuming you’re wearing real leather. This might inadvertently promote or normalise the wearing of leather (even though you absolutely don’t!).

Personally, I think it’s okay to wear faux leather. And, if anyone compliments your jacket, it’s a great way to naturally bring up your vegan ethics, as well as proving just how realistic animal-free leather can be.

What about secondhand or vintage leather jackets?

If you’ve got your sustainability cap on, then you might be asking if it’s better to use items that are already in circulation rather than manufacturing new items. After all, when it comes to vintage leather jackets, the damage is already done… and there’s no denying it’s more budget-friendly.

I’ve covered the debate in more depth here, but suffice it to say that it’s largely down to personal preference. Arguably, you could say the same for a burger that has already been cooked at a BBQ and would otherwise go to waste – but I’m guessing you still wouldn’t eat it out of principle.

I prefer not to buy secondhand animal products because you’re still promoting demand for them at some level (secondhand stores will source more if they sell well). Plus, I like to show support for innovative, eco-friendly and cruelty-free brands to drive more demand for these products.

If vegan leather jackets are made from plastic, doesn't that make them just as bad for the environment as real leather?

Although leather is often championed as a ‘natural’ product, what many people don’t realise is that it involves many toxic chemical processes that are terrible for both the environment and the health of workers in the leather industry.

However, don’t be fooled into assuming that just because an item is vegan, it’s automatically eco-friendly. There are plenty of technically ‘vegan’ products that are still made with environmentally damaging materials and processes.

For instance, if you buy a cheap leather jacket from a high street store, it will likely be made from PVC (aka plastic) using fast fashion production methods. This isn’t kind to people or planet.

That’s why I’ve tried to avoid these kinds of brands and opt instead for those committed to producing ethical vegan leather. This usually means materials made from fruit alternatives, recycled materials, and less chemically intensive PU. I’ve also prioritised brands that manufacture in small batches from closely audited factories.

Girl wearing a leather jacket

Look Good, Do Good: Go Cruelty-Free With a Vegan Leather Jacket

I hope that this post helps you to shop a little more consciously when looking for your perfect leather jacket. I like to stick by the mantra “buy less, buy better.” There is no reason you can’t be totally badass, while also caring deeply for people, planet and animals (way more badass, btw!).

All of my links to shop these jackets are from my favourite online vegan shops, including Immaculate Vegan, Will’s Vegan Store and Wolf & Badger. For more vegan fashion, check out my favourite vegan clothing brands and animal-friendly footwear. Plus, I’ve got you covered with these buttery-soft vegan leather bags to finish off your look!

Happy vegan shopping! 🐰

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