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Although veganism is growing in popularity, we are sadly still a long way off from living in a 100% animal-friendly world. As such, it can be difficult to know where to confidently shop as a vegan (believe me, I’ve been there!).

That’s why I’ve compiled this handy list of my favourite tried and trusted online vegan shops in the UK.

Fortunately, gone are the days of having to go without. Being a vegan in 2024 means that there’s loads of wonderful plant-based choices available – that is, if you know the right places to look!

Having been vegan for a couple of years now, I’ve not only done a TON of research for my ethical buying guides РI’ve also purchased many products from these stores myself. So from plant-based groceries to ethical vegan fashion, I hope you find this a helpful directory to satisfy all of your vegan shopping needs!

Review Summary

Here are the best places to shop online as a vegan in the UK

While there are loads of wonderful small brands out there, you’ll notice that there are some places I can’t help but link to more than others! I’ve tried my best to only include my go-to destinations Рthe ones that stock a wide range of plant-based products.

So if you‚Äôre looking for your new favourite vegan-friendly corners of the internet, I’ve got you covered!

#1 Veo

  • Best: One-stop-shop
  • About: 100% vegan online store
  • What they sell: Food, home, fashion, kids, beauty, health & wellbeing, gifts
  • Range: Over 350 independent brands
  • Perks: Free shipping over ¬£50, free returns, 10% off first order with newsletter sign-up
  • Get 10% off your first shop with code IVVEO10

We exist to awaken and inspire a generation of mass consumers into conscious, thoughtful and equipped citizens.

Based in Manchester in the UK, Veo is on a mission to bring together the best sustainable and ethical independent brands, all in one easily-shoppable online marketplace.

What’s even better is that everything Veo stocks is kind, healthy, sustainable – and 100% vegan!¬†They are also a certified B-Corp and rated a ‘Most ethical retailer’ according to Ethical Consumer. A fab destination for anyone looking to shop more consciously.

#2 Vegan Kind

  • Best: Supermarket
  • About: 100% vegan online store
  • What they sell: Groceries, snacks, health & wellbeing, beauty, bodycare
  • Range: Over 12,000 products
  • Perks: Free chilled delivery on orders over ¬£60

The UK’s number #1 vegan supermarket, Vegan Kind is an online marketplace designed to make your plant-based journey as easy, tasty, and diverse as possible – giving you access to many vegan brands, products and offers.

Great for plant-based eaters, allergy sufferers, newbie vegans, and long-standing vegans alike. I particularly love that they sell some speciality brands, including La Fauxmargerie’s luxury vegan cheese (great for gifting, or just as a late-night snack for yourself!).

They also provide helpful info on vegan-friendly hotels, restaurants, experiences and recipes, making them an excellent all-around resource!

#3 Ocado

  • Best: Groceries
  • About: Online supermarket delivery service
  • What they sell: Everything on your weekly food shop
  • Range: 3,000+ vegan-friendly products
  • Perks: Save 25% on your first order + 3 months free unlimited deliveries – use code VOU3291357 at the checkout

Ocado is hands-down the best major supermarket chain for vegan food! They have many more plant-based choices on offer than any others I’ve come across.

Vegan shopping is made so much easier by the handy vegan section of their website, where you can also search by your specific vegan needs, e.g. dairy alternatives, ready meals, or desserts and treats.

Having your groceries delivered to your door is better for the environment, plus it means you don’t have the faff of trekking to the shops yourself! So for hassle-free groceries, it’s definitely worth giving this delivery service a go.

#4 Ethical Superstore

  • Best:¬†Eco-conscious
  • About:¬†Ethical & planet-friendly online store
  • What they sell:¬†Groceries, household, fashion, beauty, health & wellbeing, kids, gifts, pets
  • Range: 6,000+ vegan-friendly products
  • Perks:¬†Free delivery on orders over ¬£50

Ethical Superstore may not be fully vegan, but they’re one of the places I regularly find myself shopping! They have plenty of animal-friendly products, plus I love that they also prioritise ethical and eco-friendly brands (something which is still important to consider when shopping as a vegan).

They make it easy to shop by different ethics. So for example, you can shop by the value ‘Vegan’ and filter on just these products. They sell a huge range, so if you’re struggling to find what you’re looking for, then Ethical Superstore should have you covered!

#5 Immaculate Vegan

  • Best:¬†Fashion
  • About:¬†100% vegan online fashion store
  • What they sell:¬†Men’s & women’s fashion & accessories, beauty, home, gifts
  • Range: 3,500+ products from over 100 hand-picked brands
  • Perks:¬†Sign up for 10% off your first purchase

If you’re looking to kit out your vegan wardrobe (with pieces that you’d actually want to wear!), then get yourself over to Immaculate Vegan – now! They have the most beautifully curated collection of premium vegan fashion, and only work with carefully selected ethical and eco-friendly brands.

Founded in 2019, Immaculate Vegan are on a mission to help people make better choices that positively impact animals, people and planet when they shop.

And the best bit? You don’t have to rely on website filters. You can rest assured that every product has been vetted to ensure zero animal-derived products or materials.

#6 Will's Vegan Store

  • Best:¬†Footwear
  • About:¬†100% vegan online fashion store
  • What they sell:¬†Men’s & women’s footwear, accessories, outerwear
  • Perks:¬†Delivery is carbon neutral, plus free returns & exchanges

If you’re looking for vegan shoes that look and feel like real leather, then Will’s Vegan Store is where you want to head first! They have a gorgeous selection of high-quality winter boots, trainers, and faux leather accessories (minus the suffering caused by the leather industry).

From vegan leather jackets to no-wool overcoats, they also sell a lovely collection of outerwear. Good coats can be hard to come by as a vegan (due to common animal materials like wool or leather), so they really do fill a lot of gaps in your vegan wardrobe.

Even better? Will’s Vegan Store, as the name suggests, have a 100% animal-free ethos (they’re PETA-approved vegan), so you’re safe to put absolutely anything in your basket.

#7 Wolf & Badger

  • Best:¬†Designer
  • About:¬†Online fashion & homeware store
  • What they sell:¬†Men’s & women’s fashion & accessories, beauty, home, jewellery, gifts, designer brands
  • Range:¬†Nearly 1,000 vegan-friendly products
  • Perks:¬†Sign up for 10% off your first order, free returns

I often link to Wolf & Badger in my buying guides. Although they’re not a strictly vegan store, they are a global marketplace for independent and ethical brands, so they have a good selection of designer vegan products.

As a certified B-Corp, Wolf & Badger don’t just talk the talk – they walk the walk! They even have three physical stores that you can visit in London, New York and Los Angeles, if you’re in the area.

#8 Counter Culture Store

  • Best: Beauty
  • About:¬†Online beauty store
  • What they sell: Skincare, makeup, haircare, bodycare, toiletries
  • Perks:¬†Free shipping over ¬£30, 10% off your first order, loyalty programme

Counter Culture Store sell many of my favourite cruelty-free and animal-friendly personal care brands. They are the destination store for sustainable beauty and wellness products from both household names and indie brands.

All of the brands they stock are united by their commitment to ethics and sustainability, with 98% of them led by women.

You can also easily shop by your values, e.g. vegan, plastic-free, refillable, etc!

#9 Big Green Smile

  • Best:¬†Cosmetics & household
  • About:¬†Natural & organic online store
  • What they sell:¬†Skincare, makeup, haircare, bodycare, health & wellbeing, parent & baby, cleaning products, gifts, travel
  • Range:¬†Over 3,500 vegan-friendly products
  • Perks:¬†Free carbon-neutral delivery over ¬£50, 60-day returns

With B-Corp certification, zero nasties, and a planet-friendly ethos (they are committed to plastic freedom by 2025), sustainable champions Big Green Smile are a fantastic store to support.

They exist to showcase the best non-toxic and natural brands from around the globe. And they are firm believers that the seemingly small actions we take as individuals can make a big impact. I can definitely get behind this!

Not all products are vegan, but they have a handy ‘Shop by Value’ feature (and all the products on their website are cruelty-free).

#10 Holland & Barrett

  • Best:¬†Health & wellness
  • About: Online health store (with plenty of high street shops across the UK)
  • What they sell:¬†Food & drinks, vitamins & supplements, sports nutrition, beauty, CBD, weight management
  • Perks:¬†Free delivery on all orders over ¬£10, Subscribe & Save

Before going vegan, I can’t say I’d ever set foot in a Holland & Barrett! It was always a shop that was right there on my local high street, but I just dismissed it as a bit of a fusty health store.

Well, how times have changed! Holland & Barrett have been a lifesaver for so many of my vegan needs I struggled to find anywhere else, e.g. picking up a good vegan multivitamin, or a cheese alternative like Nutritional Yeast.

When it comes to your health, you particularly want to ensure that you buy from a trusted source. Thankfully, Holland & Barrett are Europe’s leading health & wellness retailer. They also offer a handy Click & Collect service if you have a store near you!

#11 Not on the High Street

  • Best:¬†Gifting
  • About:¬†Online marketplace that champions small businesses & independent makers
  • What they sell:¬†Gifts for every occasion
  • Range: 100+ vegan-friendly gifts
  • Perks:¬†Sign up for offers & discounts

This list would not be complete without NOTHS! It doesn’t sound like the biggest selection, but honestly, if you’re looking for a thoughtful vegan gift, then NOTHS should be your first port of call (they are heavily featured in all of my gift guides!).

It’s all in the name, but the unique selling point is that you won’t find these items in large high street stores. There are many options to personalise your gifts to make them truly special.

From vegan cheese-making kits to sweet treats and spa boxes, there are loads of lovely vegan-friendly options that will line the pockets of deserving small businesses! I have never been disappointed, and these one-of-a-kind gifts are always well-received.

Vegan Shopping: The Best Plant-Based Picks at Your Fingertips

Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.

Anna Lappe

I couldn’t agree more with this quote from Anna Lappe. By supporting vegan stores (that also do their bit for people and planet), we drive demand for kinder products, which in turn advocates for a kinder world.

The benefit of online shopping is that your order will be delivered to your door (often for free if you spend over a certain amount), without you having to do anything other than click the ‘Check Out Now’ button. That said, if you’re nervous about buying without seeing or feeling a product first, I totally understand. I’d advise always checking the returns policy as well as other customer reviews.

If you’re interested in discovering more tips on how to shop more ethically, then check out my post on the topic here. As veganism becomes more popular, there are always new vegan shopping destinations popping up, so I’ll be sure to keep this post updated as I come across any new favourites.

Oh, and don’t forget to let me know about any I may have missed!

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