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A box of heart-shaped chocolates? A dozen red roses? If you’re fed up with the limited choice of traditional clichĂ©d Valentine’s gifts – I hear you!

Whether you’re purchasing as a vegan or for a vegan, I’m sure you’re no stranger to deviating from the norm. So I wanted to share my pick of unique Valentine’s gift ideas that your loved one probably won’t be expecting… but would definitely be grateful to receive this year.

From artisan vegan cheese to hand-drawn house portraits, there’s a selection of compassionate gifts to suit all tastes and budgets. There were just two strict criteria that I made sure to stick to – these presents had to be 100% animal-friendly and they had to be a little off the beaten track (yep, not a chocolate in sight).

Please note that this list is geared towards those living in the UK. But hopefully, you can still find some inspiration, wherever you’re from. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at my favourite 14 gifts for February 14th!

My Top Picks

The Big Vegan Cheese Making Kit

Pink Amazonian Terrarium DIY Kit

Womanizer Premium Eco Vibrator

Review Summary

Here are 14 vegan Valentine's gifts they won't be expecting this year...

#1 The Big Vegan Cheese Making Kit

  • Great for vegans who miss cheese
  • Includes: Mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, halloumi, feta & parmesan
  • Step-by-step instructions & recipes included
  • Enough ingredients to make 20 batches
  • Should keep you in vegan cheese for 1 year+

If you have a plant-based partner who found it hard to break up with cheese, then look no further than The Big Vegan Cheese Making Kit! Developed in close partnership with vegans who were disappointed with shop-bought options, these recipes include delicious cashews, macadamia nuts, and a drop of almond milk. There’s no fancy equipment required – simply a love of cheese and a willingness to get stuck in will do.

What’s even better is that this cheese-making kit will produce a monster 20 batches, meaning that your loved one can dip into cheese making a little and often (the raw ingredients will last for well over a year). In other words, it’s the only cheesy Valentine’s Day gift you should be considering this year!

#2 Beer Tasting Masterclass for Two

  • Ideal for beer lovers
  • Over 18s only
  • Multiple locations across the UK – check the map for your closest venue
  • Duration 2 hours
  • Thursdays & Fridays

For something a little more adventurous than your standard bottle of wine, why not treat your other half to a couple of hours of serious craft beer sampling? With both on-site and internationally brewed ales to try, you’ll receive expert guidance from a master brewer and discover all the subtle nuances in flavour (until you start to get a bit merry, that is).

If you want to take this gift to the next level, then it would pair excellently with an overnight stay in the location of your choice (you won’t want to be driving straight after!). Just note that there are some light snacks available throughout the beer tasting experience, so you may want to contact in advance to mention your dietary requirements.

#3 Pink Amazonian Terrarium DIY Kit

  • Perfect for indoor gardeners (of any skill level)
  • Includes: Glass jar, cork lid, 3x plants, soil, gravel & active charcoal
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Easy care
  • Eco-glass container
  • Pet safe

If your partner is partial to a houseplant or two (who isn’t?!) then consider gifting this tiny pink-green ecosystem in a glass terrarium. Once they’ve enjoyed the creative process of assembling their mini garden, the little plants will create a self-sustaining ecosystem with their own water cycles. Perfect for a more hands-off approach (read: those who typically only need to look at a plant to kill it).

Whilst typical flower bouquets only last 7-12 days before ending up in the bin, this is a lovely non-disposable option for Valentine’s Day for the plant-obsessed and planet-conscious. Oh, and I’d recommend opting for the light-up version – it’s particularly pretty at night.

#4 Refillable Deodorant

  • Ideal for eco-warriors
  • Zero-waste case in various colours
  • Plastic-free, composable refills
  • Free from aluminium, parabens & toxins
  • 100% vegan & cruelty-free
  • A range of scents to choose from

I know what you’re thinking: I couldn’t possibly buy them deodorant for Valentine’s Day, they’ll think I’m trying to tell them something! But hear me out…

If you have a partner who cares about the environment, animal welfare and non-toxic ingredients, then this gift is going to be right up their street (and much more exciting than chemical-laden perfume). My refillable Fussy deodorant is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever bought. It’s also one of the simplest and most cost-effective sustainability swaps you can make. With its stunning casing and nifty refill system, you can make it personal to your gift recipient by selecting their favourite colour and choosing from a range of delicious scents.

#5 Hand-Drawn House Portrait

  • Perfect for new or first-time homeowners
  • A bespoke sketch of your house, based on a photograph provided by you
  • Hand-drawn in North Devon studio
  • A range of contemporary frames: black, white or oak
  • Digitally printed on acid-free, fine-grain artists’ paper
  • Up to 3 amends allowed

I don’t know about you, but I’ve just never been one for putting up loads of couple photos around the house! For something a bit different, take a look at these personalised home drawings. Whether you’ve not long moved into your first place as a couple or you’ve shared your forever home for over fifty years, this would be a meaningful piece of artwork to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Simply take a clear photograph of your home and pop it over to the team at Letterfest, who will bring your home to life by celebrating the architecture in glorious pen and ink. Finish it off with your own personalised text and choice of frame.

#6 Gourmet Vegan Popcorn

  • Great for a cosy movie night in
  • 6 pouches of delicious gourmet vegan popcorn
  • Comes in 3 flavours: Salted Caramel, Toffee Apple & Cinnamon, & Coconut & Cacao
  • Gift box available
  • You can add a gift card with your own personalised message

If your partner isn’t the biggest chocolate lover (ahem, guilty), then this trio of Joe and Seph’s vegan popcorn would get my vote! The three flavours are all completely unique and moreish. With a generous two pouches per flavour, they make for the perfect handy snacking portion for your Valentine’s film night in.

All of Joe and Seph’s popcorn and sauces are handmade in London by a small team of pastry chefs, so you can be sure of a gourmet experience!

#7 A Smart Garden

  • Perfect for growing herbs & veggies all year round (no garden required)
  • Fits in small spaces
  • Low maintenance
  • Biodegradable plant pods
  • Pesticide-free, 100% fresh food
  • 75+ plant varieties to choose from

If you want to fork out on something a little more premium, then say hello to the Click & Grow Smart Garden 3.

Perfect for green-fingered partners who enjoy using fresh herbs in their cooking, a smart garden works just like a capsule coffee machine – only with plants! And, even better, the biodegradable plant pods come with all the seeds and nutrients packed inside. This way, they can enjoy homegrown, non-GMO produce all year round, no matter how limited their living space (or gardening abilities!).

#8 Vegan Online Cookery Course

  • Great for aspiring vegan foodies
  • Online plant-based cookery course for one
  • Virtual classroom environment
  • Learn from the comfort of your own home
  • Create restaurant-quality dishes

Calling all aspiring vegan chefs! If your plant-based partner always has their head in a recipe book, then this online cookery course is a thoughtful gift idea to help them hone their skills. If you’re lucky, you might even get to be a guinea pig for some of their delicious recipes, too!

What I particularly like about this course is that it’s conducted in an online environment, meaning that there’s no extensive travelling required to use this voucher. Whilst experience gifts in new places can be exciting, sometimes it’s nice to learn from the comfort of your own space. From seasonal soups to lavish three-course dining, it sounds like an excellent investment in self-development!

#9 Womanizer Premium Eco Vibrator

  • The only sex toy a woman needs (a bold claim, I know)
  • Perfect for the environmentally-minded
  • Made from Biolene
  • Pleasure air technology
  • Rechargeable & recyclable

I could rave about the Womanizer all day, but suffice it to say that every woman should own one of these! Whether you’re buying for your partner or treating yourself to a little self-love this Valentine’s Day, you won’t be disappointed. Whilst most vibrators are too harsh and desensitising, the Womanizer’s gentle, Pleasure Air Technology is just right.

And the cherry on top? This little beauty is not only discreet – it’s 100% vegan, made with Biolene (an eco-friendly alternative to plastic) and easy to recycle. Not that they’ll be worrying about that any time soon…

#10 Zero Waste Vegan Pamper Set

  • Great for busy partners who need to slow down & relax
  • Cruelty-free pampering set
  • Includes: Hand-crafted vegan soap, exfoliating jute mitten & organic cotton muslin cloth
  • Zero-waste & plastic-free packaging
  • Choose your message
  • Can be personalised

I love to support smaller businesses through Not on the High Street (one of my favourite vegan stores for thoughtful & personalised gifts). And this zero-waste vegan pamper set from Aphrodite & Areas is no exception!

Featuring natural, non-toxic and biodegradable products, you can add a personalised card with your own message for the perfect Valentine’s gift. It’s also excellent for the environmentally-conscious. A lot of care has been put into the kit to make it fully sustainable – even the labels are printed in eco-ink!

#11 Latte Art Class

  • A lovely gift for coffee lovers
  • A range of locations across the UK, including Nottingham, Leeds, Lincoln, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester & Chester
  • Duration 2 hours
  • Learn how to pour 3 key designs: Heart, Tulip & Rosetta
  • Previous experience in steaming milk beneficial but not essential
  • Important: Make sure to ask for plant milk!

Is your partner’s latte art currently more interpretational-splodge than defined heart or tulip? If you’ve got a keen coffee drinker at home, then this latte art class is a fun workshop that you can take together. You’ll even come away with a free bag of coffee beans and some exclusive discounts!

Having tried their beginner barista course with my partner, I can highly recommend the classes run by 200 Degree Coffee. They include just the right amount of theory and hands-on experience that will genuinely help you to make better coffee at home.

#12 One Pot Vegan Recipe Book

  • Excellent for newbie vegans or those wanting to spice up dinnertimes
  • Hardback or Kindle format
  • 80 quick, easy & delicious plant-based recipes
  • Everyday ingredients you’ve actually heard of
  • One pot = easier on the washing up

A one-pot vegan cookbook is an essential investment for anyone looking to simplify their mealtimes with a minimal, plant-based meal plan.

Whether your partner just wants to bring more plant-based meals into their repertoire, or they’re an existing vegan looking to try out some new and exciting cuisine (without breaking the bank), Roxy Pope and Ben Pook have plenty of cheap, easy and healthy recipe suggestions.

#13 Vegan Ready Meals

  • Great for vegans who deserve a night off cooking
  • Includes: 5 meals portioned for 1 (simply reheat in the microwave)
  • Nutritious plant-based ready meals
  • Restaurant-quality taste
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Allplants are a certified B-Corp

If you’re not feeling a crowded restaurant full of awkward first dates this year but you still fancy a night off cooking – Allplants could be just the solution! Whilst a ready meal might not sound like the most romantic of gestures at first glance… these are no ordinary ready meals.

Chef-prepared and flash-frozen to lock in all the nutritional value, they contain none of the usual preservatives or chemicals found in the store-bought freezer section. Allplants are a fantastic, 100% plant-based and environmentally friendly brand delivering restaurant-quality food straight to your door. Definitely one to try!

#14 Mindful Zen Garden

  • Ideal for spiritual vegans & plant-based yogis
  • Japanese sand garden kit
  • Includes: 6 handcrafted bamboo rakes, large wooden tray, cherry blossom trees, Shinto gate, zen pebbles, small stones, pagoda, bridge, lotus flower & moss
  • Promotes mindfulness, creativity & imagination
  • Guide included

Give the gift of Zen this Valentine’s Day with a beautiful Zen Garden Kit. Whilst I’m not normally one for encouraging physical gifts, I think this is a lovely idea for anyone who enjoys yoga, meditation, or quiet self-reflection. It would also make a beautiful focal point and calm oasis when displayed in your home.

With 6 styles of rake to achieve different finishes in the sand, arranging their zen garden will be a creative and relaxing experience for your partner. It also comes with an informative guide, meaning that they can read up on the meaning behind it all, too.

Make Valentine's Day Your Own This Year

I hope this list inspires you to do things a little differently this Valentine’s Day! There are loads of thoughtful, planet-friendly and cruelty-free gifts if you want to celebrate in a non-traditional way. Whilst clichĂ© presents can be sweet in the moment, they’re generally destined for landfill because they’re not things anyone really wants to keep. So choosing something that will continue to be used and enjoyed is always the better choice long term – plus, way more meaningful.

If you’re looking for more animal-friendly, planet-conscious gift inspiration, then check out my guides:

Oh, and if you and your partner choose not to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the traditional gift-giving way, or perhaps you even choose not to celebrate it at all, I also wanted to reassure you that this is totally fine! Most importantly, remember that romance and displays of affection shouldn’t just be limited to Valentine’s Day – make sure to show your loved one you care all year round. đź’“

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