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I’ve taken Nutravita’s Vegan Multivitamin for a couple of years since I turned vegan, but then I came across Vegums… and immediately knew I wanted to try them out! With eco-credentials and a specially formulated plant-based multivitamin, I was intrigued to discover if they were really worth the social media hype.

Vegums state that they are on a mission to ‘disrupt the supplement industry, making ethical & plastic-free products the norm’. This is a mission I can get on board with! But what about in action?

Well, Vegums very kindly agreed to send me their Multi Booster Bundle so that I could put them to the test myself. I’m not a fan of taking a capsule every day (or fishy hiccups!), so when these fruity gummies arrived I was quite excited. And, after a month of testing, I’m ready to give you my honest Vegums review.

Please note: This is not a sponsored post and all views expressed are entirely my own! I’ll only ever recommend brands I truly believe in.

Testing Vegums multivitamins for vegans

Review Summary

Vegums Overall Rating

Having tested Vegums’ Multi Booster Bundle, I’m really impressed (it was a much more enjoyable experience than my usual daily capsule!). I know I’m getting all the essential nutrients my body needs through natural, high-quality ingredients, whilst also looking after the planet.

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Included in the Multi Booster Bundle (1 month supply)*:

*Available to be purchased separately


  • Specifically targeted for vegans
  • Natural ingredients with no synthetics or fillers
  • Say goodbye to chalky, fishy capsules
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging


  • The multi-booster bundle gets pricey
  • You have to take 6 gummies a day (& store them all)

The Pros: Why Vegums Are Different From Other Supplements Brands

Supplements to help you feel your best don’t have to taste horrible, use animal ingredients or be packaged in loads of plastic, Vegums are here to prove that.

John Rushton, Vegums Co-Founder

There are hundreds of supplement brands out there, but despite this, I’ve still struggled in the past to find a multivitamin that is targeted towards a plant-based diet, uses natural ingredients, and is environmentally friendly. Fortunately, this is where Vegums shines.

Specifically targeted for vegans

As you might have guessed from the name, Vegums is a completely plant-based brand. With non-vegan companies, the token vegan offering can feel like a bit of an afterthought, so it’s great that Vegums have been formulated by vegans, for vegans.

Founded by two pharmacists, I like that Vegums’ offering specifically targets a plant-based diet’s potential deficiencies, rather than just throwing in everything (including the kitchen sink) like many mass-produced multivitamins.

Their Multi Booster Bundle simply includes Vitamin B12 & B6, Vitamin D3, Folic Acid, Selenium, Potassium, Omega-3 and Iron.

Natural ingredients with no synthetics or fillers

Vegums’ ingredients are fully traceable and natural, with no synthetic binders or chemical nasties. The sweeteners for their fruity gummies include a pinch of natural cane and beet sugar. Even the gelling agents are derived from citrus peel.

Say goodbye to chalky pills & fishy capsules

I’m yet to meet anyone who enjoys swallowing large capsules.

I know that there have been times when I’ve got out of the habit of taking my multivitamin and it has languished at the back of a bathroom cabinet. It’s certainly easier to build this habit into your daily routine if taking your multivitamin is a pleasant experience.

Plus, many pills containing Omega-3 have a suspiciously fishy aftertaste – one of the main downsides of my Nutravita vitamins. Thankfully, not anymore with these delicious little gummies (you’d be forgiven for thinking they were sweets!).

Environmentally-friendly packaging

Vegums’ eco-conscious packaging was a big tick for me!

If you’ve taken supplements before, then you’ll know that they typically tend to arrive in plastic tubs. Vegums, on the other hand, are 100% plastic-free. Inside the recyclable card tubes are cellulose bags made from wood pulp, which are biodegradable and can be home-composed (just chop them into pieces to speed up the process).

You also receive a handy tin with your first order which you can store your gummies in (the design is pretty nifty – just click the sides to close and press down on the top of the lid to open). These can then be endlessly reused with all future deliveries.

Vegums packaging

The Cons: Points to Consider When Purchasing Vegums

All the fantastic plus points aside, here are a couple of niggles I have with Vegums.

The Multi Booster Bundle gets pricey

Individually, Vegums supplements aren’t too expensive. But for the Multi Booster Bundle (which is what I’d advise to cover all bases), it will set you back £30-£40 per month.

The good news is that you can Subscribe & Save for a recurring 20% discount, meaning a payment of £31.88/month (and delivery is free over £20).

There are definitely cheaper options out there, but what I will say is that you get what you pay for in terms of quality. And, at the end of the day, you can’t really put a price on your health.

You have to take 6 gummies a day (& store them all)

If you’re used to downing a capsule with water alongside your main meal, then taking 6 gummies (with the Multi Booster Bundle) is quite a lot more to remember. I personally don’t find this too much of a problem as they’re super tasty, but it may not be to everyone’s liking.

You’ll also have three separate storage tins, which feels a bit bulky/excessive. In particular, I found that because the Omega-3 and Iron supplements are larger than the Multivitamin gummies, it’s a struggle to fit a whole packet into one tin.

Did I Notice Any Difference in Switching to Vegums?

I’ll just preface this by saying that I wouldn’t start taking any supplements with the expectation of miracle benefits. In fact, always be wary of any supplement brand making unrealistic claims and promises.

In short, I take supplements to ensure I’m getting the right vitamins and minerals on a vegan diet for my long-term health. With nutrient deficiencies, many effects can’t be seen until the damage has been done much later down the line (e.g. a lack of B12 or DHA).

With that said, I’ve noticed that my hair has been in good health – thick, glossy, and not a lot of breakage. My nails have also been growing quickly (in the past, they’ve gone through spells of being brittle and flakey). I have also found that my brain is nice and sharp throughout the day.

Vegums Review: Vegan Vitamins Tried & Tested

Vegums Multi Booster Bundle

  • General: 60 gummies | 2 per day (adults) | 1 per day (children)
  • Flavour: Strawberry, Orange & Raspberry
  • What does it do: Comprehensively covers a vegan diet’s potential nutrient deficiencies
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Whilst each product is available to purchase separately, having tried the Multi Booster Bundle for myself, this would be my personal choice if you can afford it. Due to the inclusion of Iron and Omega-3, you can rest assured that you are covering all nutritional bases.

Taking these gummies was something that genuinely felt like treating myself to a mini handful of sweets every day (minus the guilt!). The only thing to bear in mind is that you have to remember to take 6 gummies per day, which isn’t the quickest to fit into your schedule if time is limited.

Vegums Multivitamins

  • General: 60 gummies | 2 per day (adults) | 1 per day (children)
  • Flavour: 🍓
  • What does it do: Helps you to feel energised all day long, plus supports your immune system to fight off germs, keeping you fit and healthy
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  • Get 10% off a one-time purchase with code INTVIEW10

The Vegums Multivitamin only contains 6 carefully selected ingredients. Even if you decide to just take the multivitamin, then you’re still covering the most important deficiencies for vegans, including Vitamins B12 and D3.

I love that it also includes lesser-known but important trace minerals like Iodine and Selenium. A great one to start with if you’re new to supplementing and want to dip your toe in the water before committing to the full bundle.

NutrientTypical Values (Per 2)% RI
Vitamin B62mg145
Folic acid200µg100
Vitamin B1220µg800
Vitamin D315µg300
Sodium selenite60µg Selenium109
Potassium iodide150µg Iodine100

Vegums Fish-Free Omega-3

  • General: 60 gummies | 2 per day (adults) | 1 per day (children)
  • Flavour: 🍊
  • What does it do: Helps to maintain healthy eyes, skin, heart and brain
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  • Get 10% off a one-time purchase with code INTVIEW10

Although long-chain fatty acids are vital for proper brain functioning, deficiencies in DHA aren’t always immediately obvious. And unfortunately, this can cause real long-term damage.

Omega-3 is a necessity on a vegan diet when you don’t eat fish, don’t consume seaweed regularly, and can’t reliably work out how well your body is converting short-chain ALA from plant-based sources like flaxseed.

The Omega-3 in Vegums is extracted and purified from sustainability-sourced marine algae in its most bioavailable form. If you already have a multivitamin that you’re happy with that doesn’t contain Omega-3, this would be a great add-on supplement.

NutrientTypical Values (Per 2)
DHA (from algae oil)80mg
Vitamin E (a-TE)8.0mg

Vegums Iron Supplements

  • General: 60 gummies | 2 per day (adults) | 1 per day (children)
  • Flavour: Raspberry (why is there no raspberry emoji?!)
  • What does it do: Boosts energy, supports immune function, and maintains healthy iron levels
  • Get 20% off a subscription with code INTVIEW20
  • Get 10% off a one-time purchase with code INTVIEW10

Iron is less bio-available on a plant-based diet, which basically means that our bodies find it harder to absorb compared to meat sources. An iron deficiency can result in tiredness and brain fog. Although I’ve never officially had my iron levels tested, I’ve definitely noticed that my general energy levels have felt better while taking these gummies.

If you’re not sure about your iron levels, then I’d recommend checking this out with your doctor first, as too little or too much iron can cause different problems (i.e. you don’t want to overdo it, either!). A great targeted supplement to be used on its own, or within the Multi Booster Bundle.

NutrientTypical Values (Per 2)
Iron (from ferric diphosphate)14mg

My Final Verdict

Vegums are a modern, innovative plant-based supplements brand that make taking your vitamins that little bit more enjoyable! I would recommend the Multi Booster Bundle to put your nutritional needs on autopilot, if you can afford the monthly commitment. Otherwise, you could start with the Multivitamin to at least ensure you’re getting your daily dose of B12 and D3.

While there are cheaper options on the market (see my round-up post on the best vegan multivitamins), I love that Vegums only contain natural ingredients that support a plant-based diet, and are formulated specifically for vegans. It’s also important to me that I purchase from environmentally-conscious brands, so it’s lovely to see how much genuine thought Vegums have put into their packaging efforts.

Gummies are perfect for those who struggle with capsules, as well as being a nice and easy option for kids (remember, just one capsule for kids aged 3-12).

Get 20% off a subscription with code INTVIEW20 or 10% off a one-time purchase with code INTVIEW10:

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get the Multi Booster Bundle or the A-Z Bundle? What’s the difference?

It largely depends on your own health goals and nutritional needs. Personally, I think that if you eat fairly healthily, then it makes more sense to take a targeted multivitamin that only covers a vegan diet’s deficiencies. Not only are many vitamins unnecessary, but they can actually cause more harm than good when the body receives them in excessive quantities. However, if you are worried about your diet or want a fail-safe insurance policy, the A-Z is worth considering.

For more info on supplementing as a vegan, check out my dedicated post here.

Should I get the Multi Booster Bundle or is the Multivitamin enough?

The Multivitamin is a great start (and certainly much, much better than doing nothing), but remember that omega-3 long-chain fatty acids are important, too. Iron is also typically low in vegans – particularly vegan women. If you’re unsure, check with your doctor first, who will be able to assess which nutrients you’re low in.

How many gummies do I need to take per day?

Adults should take two of each gummy per day. This means that for the Multi Booster Bundle, you’ll take 2 multivitamins, 2 omega-3 supplements, and 2 iron supplements – that’s 6 in total.

Are Vegums suitable for children?

Yes – they are a great choice for children aged 3-12. The dose is half of that for adults (just one per day). Past 12 years old, teens can start taking 2!

Where Can You Buy Vegums?

The best place to buy Vegums is directly from their website. By doing so, you can opt to Subscribe & Save, which means that they’ll be delivered every month without you having to even lift a finger. Plus, you get a nice discount in the process! Win-win.

If you’re feeling anxious about being roped into a subscription service, then don’t worry – you can easily pause, skip a delivery, or cancel at any time (no questions asked).

I hope that this Vegums review has been helpful if you’ve been umming and arring. Don’t forget to let me know how you get on with your Vegums subscription if you do decide to give them a go!

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