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I believe that, in the future, more of us will come to understand and accept the influence of energy as part of our overall wellbeing. We’ll know how to channel it, clear it, raise and work with it – and Vyrao is at the heart of that purpose. I envisaged Vyrao to help us connect to ourselves.

Yasmin Sewell, Founder

There are many simple ways in which you can raise your vibrational energy – one of which is through the transformative power of scent. If a smell has ever transported you, then you’ll know how it can inexplicably evoke specific moods and points in time… as though you were right there.

And this isn’t just woo-woo stuff. Science confirms that smells are handled in the same area of the brain as emotion and memory, meaning that they elicit emotional responses more than any other type of stimuli. What I love about Vyrao is that they aren’t just creating pretty scents – they’re tapping into this potent idea that we can choose to amplify our energy.

Vyrao were kind enough to send me their Six Pack Discovery Set recently, so after a couple of weeks of wear, I’m super excited to let you know how I got on in this Vyrao perfume review!

Please note: This is not a sponsored post and all views expressed are entirely my own! I’ll only ever recommend brands I truly believe in.

Vyrao perfume tried and tested

My Top Picks

Free 00

Witchy Woo

I am Verdant

Review Summary

Vyrao’s 6 signature scents are complex and dynamic – a far cry from the cloying, saccharine concoctions you’ll find in most high-street stores. My favourites are Free 00, I am Verdant and Witchy Woo. Spritzing with an affirmation is an excellent addition to my intentional morning routine. And for a natural, non-toxic brand, the dry-down is impressively long-lasting.


  • They make the connection between scent, neuroscience & energetic healing
  • Natural and organic ingredients – without compromising on wear time
  • Vegan, cruelty-free and ethically sourced
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Unisex fragrances that dispel gender stereotypes


  • Expensive – you also have to pay for a discovery set (and no free postage!)
  • Not yet refillable

The Pros: What Sets Vyrao Apart From Other Perfume Brands?

They make the connection between scent, neuroscience & energetic healing

Vyrao are shaking up the traditional world of perfume. Each fragrance is not just a strikingly individual scent – it has been scientifically formulated with notes to evoke different emotions and ultimately help the wearer channel their highest vibration.

They are one of the first perfume brands to think about scent in this way – a catalyst for holistic healing and well-being. The only other brand I can think of that is doing something similar is The Nue Co.

What makes a 50ml bottle of Vyrao perfume incredibly special is that it contains a tiny supercharged Hermiker diamond crystal that has been energised by in-house healer Louise Mita. I love that all the little details have been thought about – each fragrance comes with its own suggested affirmation and even a Spotify playlist to help amplify your energy even further!

Natural and organic ingredients - without compromising on wear time

Vyrao are an excellent choice for those who care about intentionally minimising toxic ingredients in the everyday products they choose to use (there are all sorts of chemical nasties hidden in traditional perfumes).

Their fragrances are formulated with 88-89% natural ingredients (of which 80% are certified organic) and the remainder with safe synthetic compounds. The base is made from 100% organic sugarcane alcohol that is grown without pesticides and fertilisers.

Typically, I find that ‘natural’ fragrances are often just a clash of essential oils that don’t have any staying power compared to synthetic fragrances. But Vyrao strikes the balance between high-quality ingredients and 8-hour+ wear time – a rare feat!

Vegan, cruelty-free and ethically sourced

More often than not, perfume formulations aren’t vegan, because they contain common animal-derived ingredients like civet and lanolin. And even worse? The vast majority of brands don’t make their policies towards animals clear.

Fortunately, Vyrao confirm that their products are 100% animal-friendly. Responsibility runs through all of their decision-making processes, meaning that they only work with partners and companies that share their values.

Environmentally friendly packaging

We want you to be assured we’ve taken care of doing as many of the right things as we can today, for all our tomorrows.

The main materials Vyrao use are planet-conscious glass and paper. The first thing to strike me when my discovery set arrived was that the outer packaging is deliberately minimalist – with no single-use plastic or cellophane in sight. The paper they source is 100% recycled, and their beautiful bottles are made with up to 10-30% recycled glass. They also work with certified Carbon Balanced Printers in the UK and support the work of the World Land Trust.

Unisex fragrances that dispel gender stereotypes

Finally, I just wanted to point out that Vyrao’s perfumes are all described as unisex. These are not your typical cloying and nauseatingly sweet commercial scents – and they certainly don’t conform to the traditional gender stereotyping you’ll see in most perfume adverts.

Like your tastebuds require time to adjust to the taste of real whole foods if they’ve been accustomed to overly-processed junk, your nose may also need some time to adjust to these more intriguing, multi-layered scents.

The Cons: What To Be Aware Of When Purchasing From Vyrao

Expensive - you also have to pay for a discovery set (and no free postage!)

When a 50ml bottle starts at £135, you won’t want to be spritzing too liberally! The plus point is that I’ve found a little goes a long way (these scents have staying power). Oh, and these adorable mini-woos have also been recently released, with a much more affordable introductory price point of £89.

Another point to consider is that most perfume brands will deduct the price of a discovery set if you go on to make a full-sized purchase. However, a discovery set at Vyrao costs £45 for six minis, and you’ll only get a £25 voucher towards a full-sized 50ml bottle. This means that the discovery set will still set you back £20.

Alongside the standard £6-£8 delivery (with no free shipping when you spend over a certain amount), it all adds up. Definitely a luxury to splash out on – maybe one to add to your Christmas list?!

Not yet refillable

It’s a minor niggle, and a little unfair because Vyrao are already doing loads more than other brands when it comes to environmentally-friendly packaging. But glass is still an energy-intensive virgin material, so it would be great to see a refillable option in the future.

This is something that Vyrao are already aware of and transparently acknowledge, so watch this space!

Vyrao Perfume Review: Here Are My Favourite to Least Favourite Scents

Perfume is incredibly personal. Plus, it will never smell exactly the same from person to person, as each of us has our own unique skin chemistry. Your signature scent will therefore no doubt differ from mine. But I hope that by reviewing these fragrances, you’ll gain a better understanding of which might be most suitable for you, depending on your own preferences.

#1 Free 00

Spray & Say: Kiss my skin
Top Notes: Lemon, mandarin, orange flower
Heart Notes: Jasmine, vanilla
Base Notes: Sandalwood, waterlily

This scent is literally summer in a bottle. Whenever I use it, I feel light and energetic, happy and free… It’s our most delicious scent and it’s so uplifting and summery.

I’ll just start by saying that I did not expect Free 00 to be my favourite Vyrao perfume. I’m usually a diehard floral kind of girl, so I definitely had my eye on Georgette. However, Free 00 took me out of my familiar comfort zone and has given me a new appreciation for citrus scents.

Free 00 is a twist on your classic citrus – it’s not too zesty or overpowering. First, it envelops you in a really deep aroma of oranges. It took me back to a holiday in Seville, wandering through the orange tree-lined streets with the warmth of sunlight on my skin. It is balanced with light floral notes, and the sweetness of vanilla comes through after just a little wear time.

I couldn’t agree more that this is the perfect summer scent.

#2 I Am Verdant

Spray & Say: I grow wild
Top Notes: Bergamot, cyclamen
Heart Notes: Frankincense
Base Notes: Iris absolute, orange flower

Ooh, I am Verdant is SUCH a close second. And maybe on some days, it would actually pip Free 00 to the post, as it’s a great all-year-rounder!

This is Vyrao’s signature scent, and it is so perfectly titled – a real burst of plant energy, it smells like a green wall or a fresh meadow buzzing with wildlife. It’s hard to describe as I’ve never come across a perfume quite like it, but it’s complex, fresh, and alive with energy.

I also found this to be the strongest and longest-lasting of all the fragrances (I could still smell it on a jumper when I went to wash it a couple of days later!). Perfect to reach for when you want a high-vibrational dose of the natural world.

#3 Witchy Woo

Spray & Say: Woo are magic
Top Notes: Moroccan Orris, rose
Heart Notes: Nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper
Base Notes: Frankincense, opoponax, musk

[Witchy Woo is] our scent evoking feelings of creativity and courage. It’s the one I go to probably the most. You can be very creative, but not have the courage to do things.

As someone who places a high value on Creativity and Courage, the intention behind Witchy Woo is one which really speaks to my heart (before even smelling the perfume itself!). I also adore the branding – it is by far and away the most iconic and memorable of Vyrao’s perfumes.

Now, I’m not typically a fan of spicy scents, so it’s unsurprising that this isn’t my number one go-to. But it’s also incredibly impressive that it beat Georgette! They both share common ground in that they are different takes on rose, but I found myself more swayed by the spicier, cinnamon-infused version.

If you like a deep, rich, exotic scent, then you will love, love, love Witchy Woo. It reminds me of incense and is perfectly wintery. One that only gets better with wear.

#4 Georgette

Spray & Say: I deeply and completely love and accept myself
Top Notes: Turkish rose
Heart Notes: Sandalwood, patchouli
Base Notes: Pink pepper, black tobacco

When you say love, I think about my grandmother, Georgette, who I named my rose fragrance after. She really showed me what unconditional love was, so Georgette the fragrance was created to evoke feelings of self-love.

On paper, I’d have picked Georgette without a shadow of a doubt. But I don’t want you to think that because Georgette is 4th on this list, I didn’t like it – I absolutely do! It didn’t help that my expectations were super high. But it’s also a testament to just how captivating Vyrao’s full range of scent profiles are. It’s still extremely wearable and a lovely everyday perfume.

What I will say is that this is not your typical floral. It’s not overly young or girly, and thankfully it’s not powdery or grannyish either. The heart and base notes of wood, pepper, and tobacco give this perfume depth and provide a real twist on a classic.

If you like florals and are looking to give yourself the self-love you deserve, then look no further.

#5 The Sixth

Spray & Say: I connect to the source of life, light, love & abundance
Top Notes: Juniper berry, angelica root, gentian absolute, wormwood
Heart Notes: Fennel, apple, rosemary, peppermint, basil
Base Notes: Oakwood extract, oakmoss absolute, patchouli, fir balsam absolute, cedar wood

I recalled a visit to a Benedictine monk in Ireland who showed me around his garden, sharing herbs used to make tonics monks have been drinking for generations. I thought about balancing energies… so The Sixth could be something a person can use to access their intuition.

Drawing on the idea of a ‘sixth sense’, The Sixth is housed a stunning bottle and is the most expensive Vyrao fragrance at £165 (I’m guessing that the base ingredients are pricier). It is an intriguing, herby concoction that is very fresh and light.

Because it is so subtle, of all the fragrances I found I was spraying more often. I also realised that it wasn’t so much of a ‘signature’ scent compared to others on this list (like I am Verdant or Witchy Woo, for instance).

It is also a touch on the masculine side of unisex. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this – if you’re looking for a truly androgynous scent then this is great to try. It just wasn’t the perfect match for me.

#6 Magnetic 70

Spray & Say: I am in the here & now
Top Notes: Vetiver, cedar wood
Heart Notes: Frankincense, angelica seed
Base Notes: Juniper wood, elemi

Finally – Magnetic 70. This is the most masculine of all the scents, so it’s a bit unfair of me to put it at the bottom. But I am judging these fragrances based on how they smelt on me. It’s telling that my boyfriend really liked this scent and I thought it smelt amazing on him!

So long and short, on a guy, this fragrance would come out on top! And I’m not saying a girl couldn’t rock it either. It’s a lovely woody scent, but not my personal vibe.

My Final Verdict

For me, it’s a close toss-up between Free 00, I am Verdant, and Witchy Woo. In the end, I think it comes down to the type of energy I’m trying to evoke. As someone who cares about plant-based living and loves being surrounded by the natural world, I feel more that I am Verdant would be a great energy to harness all year round. But it would be nice to switch it up with Free 00 in summer and Witchy Woo in winter for more seasonal scents.

And, while a couple of the perfumes weren’t quite the right fit for me, they are all still beautifully balanced fragrances.

The new mini woos are a great introductory price point – perfect for gifting or a travel-sized accessory. But the energised crystal in each 50ml bottle is the real point of difference for me, so I think I’d just buy the full-sized version to take advantage of this!

If you’re looking for something a little bit different to your average perfume – that has been carefully concocted to energetically connect you to a higher vibration – then Vyrao definitely has a fragrance for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vyrao vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes, Vyrao confirm that their full range is vegan, cruelty-free and ethically sourced.

Do Vyrao sell any other perfumes?

Vyrao have recently released Sun Rae – for joy and happiness. With notes of turmeric, ginger, bergamot and lemon, it has been described by reviewers as ‘summery and sexy’. Definitely one to try in the summer months!

Do Vyrao sell anything besides perfume?

If you’re a fan of Vyrao’s fragrances, then you’ll be pleased to know that they also sell candles and incense for some cosy vibes. You can even make the most of bundles and save up to 20%.

Where Can You Buy Vyrao?

You can buy Vyrao fragrances directly from their website, where it’s nice and easy to make your online purchase. This way, you can access their full range of products, as well as subscribe to their newsletter and save 10% on your first order. Alternatively, you can also buy most of Vyrao’s 50ml perfumes from Liberty London.

If you’re still umming and arring after this Vyrao perfume review, then don’t worry – I totally understand! It’s very personal and you want to make sure you make the right choice. You can try their 6 Pack Discovery Set before splurging on a full-sized bottle, or else purchase the High 5 Set. This way, you can choose which energy you’d specifically like to channel.

I’d love to hear how you get on, and which fragrance you vibe best with! Don’t forget to let me know in the comments below.

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